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Vote Jasmine Sherman

That seems like an interesting progressive policy platform, on the link you shared, @coralreefer.

But, I think the best option for me is to vote for a progressive third party with the most weight, to apply better concentrated pressure for any political concessions, (assuming no clear electoral victor). So, given I don’t recall hearing of that Jasmine Sherman option prior to your posting it, (and then after additional light research), I expect that this option does not have as much momentum, nor will thus have as much weight, relative to Jill Stein, in a potentially split election. (I was hoping Cornel West would gain momentum, but it seems like he hasn’t caught up to Jill Stein enough, and even he seems further ahead than this Jasmine Sherman option, though I don’t really know).

So, I’m curious; do you not agree that Jill Stein is relatively ahead of the other third party options, such as Jasmine Sherman, in terms of momentum and potential political weight?, (note: I’m not asking about comparing policy, since that does not matter for my vote as much as momentum and weight does; though I wouldn’t mind also hearing about policy if you can argue why it should matter more to my vote).

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I am not sure what the momentum is on either but I think the West campaign will not make all the state ballots. I am not sure to what degree that is a deal breaker though.

Cenk comments yesterday with @jared123456 post made me have an epiphany of sorts.

If Shawn Fain was to push material canvasing support from UAW to Steins campaign. That would likely cause other unions to fall behind and support Stein. In this scenario I think you could beat both a Trump or Biden candidacy.


That is a great idea, a Stein and Fain team up. If they get this ball rolling now, for 2024, then it will also have a head start for the 2028 general strike UAW is moving towards; (not to mention the 2028 election).

Stein and Fain together could make progress on clarifying the political intersections between domestic and foreign policy; especially, how US imperialism has incentivized exporting US jobs via exploiting labor colonization. And they could clarify further intersections between economy and ecology; such as how investing in sustainable economy globally is necessary to restore economic health and ecological sustainability domestically (and globally).


Similar here in Tennessee, although we do usually end up with some 3rd party pres. candidates on the ballots. I know my vote doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, so I’ll do what I usually do and research 3rd party presidential candidates (and down ballot races) and vote my conscience on election day. Which is a luxury people in swing states often don’t feel like they have. It’s a tiny blip which I hope one election day, if enough people join me, will actually make enough of a difference.


Dear Roxanek5, I understand your trepidation and frustration over the Duopily candidates. I early voted for Cenk because the two offered candidates are absolutely terrible. I don’t agree with the conventional wisdom that you MUST vote for Biden , Trump is worse. How is that working out present day ? Both are narcissistic , old , corrupt and set in their ways with no clue about the lives of people under 50 ,who represent over half the country. Besides , Trump and Biden are both morally bankrupt, wanting only power and money . So, I only vote for people that have a moral conscience , that being Cornell West , Jill Stein ,and Cenk who unfortunately is out of the race. Thank you for allowing me to respond Peace , Jackc380