The third-party

What about the third-party party I didn’t hear anything about them. Because both parties are not helping with anything at all. So, I’m voting green.

I’m curious; what is your goal for such a choice?

Ill tell you my thought process about third party candidates (for president).

I live in New York. It’ll go for Biden…100%.

(Now, rural NY is very conservative. Where i live, its me and my next door neighbor amongst the sea of red. But still, NY will be blue.)

So i vote for the green party candidate. Why? First, I believe in the platform. Second, I know my vote won’t be a “spoiler” to aid a republican. Third, the more votes they get, the more $ and support they get.

Would the green party ever have a good chance at winning? I don’t think so. But this comes to my fourth and final reason.

When the green party gets votes, the democrats know that, in large part, they’re not doing what they should. A message they clearly need to hear.

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You have really given me something to think about. I am reluctant to admit that I was thinking of not voting with my conscience in this impending election, but you may have given me a change of heart. Living in small-town Minnesota, I am also a little blue dot. Fortunately, Minnesota is very blue. It would kill me, though, if somehow Trump eeked out Minnesota. My conscience is torn. :pleading_face:

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I totally get it!

You have a tougher choice than me. If i didn’t live in a definite blue state I’d have to seriously think about it.

I also think we’ll have to see what happens at the convention. Im still hoping Biden will drop out.

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Honestly, I’m registered and a dues paying member of the North Carolina Green Party, but there is no question that I am absolutely voting for Joe Biden come November. For starters, North Carolina is a gerrymandered swing-state with a veto-proof majority in the state house that is trying their best to nullify the governorship and usher in a red state hellscape nightmare. I just wouldn’t feel right about wasting my vote or helping the opposition; no matter how unlikely flipping the state for Biden is to happen.

Not to mention, I’m just not that impressed with Stein. As far as I can tell, she seems to be just repeating the campaign she originally ran in 2016 (for the third time now). The grassroots is where the greens really excel; I’m much more likely to vote a green candidate in a local or state office.


I understand where you’re coming from. I think the four pillars and ten key values is a platform that progressives can pretty much universally get behind.

Also, money for the Green Party comes via membership and donations, all members are dues paying.

I will vote for Cornel West if possible.

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I like him. I’ll have to figure out my options in Minnesota and do some homework. I am glad that Minnesota is reasonably blue, but the small towns can vary. I was impressed and surprised that my district voted in a married gay woman as a United States Representative three consecutive times now. When I see such poll results, I become happier and more hopeful.

I do worry, though, because, after Clinton and Trump were so close in Minnesota, it seems that more voted in the following election to make sure we saw the back end of him. This election, though, I really wonder.

2008: McCain 43.82%, Obama 54.06%
2013: Romney 44.97%, Obama 52.65%
2016: Trump 44.93%, Clinton 46.45%
2020: Trump 45.4%, Biden 52.6%
2o24: :face_with_peeking_eye:

Personally, I’m still not sure what to do, though I lean for Cornel West. But, I’ve also supported Jill Stein in the past, and I liked this recent discussion with Jill Stein, (on one of my trusted news sources); in that discussion, I liked their points about a third candidate potentially preventing either major party from winning without concessions.

However, I am concerned about the Democratic party thinking they should simply count out the votes from progressives such as myself, as if they can’t still reach me/us; for instance, the uncommitted votes seemed to clarify how the Democratic party could reach or lose votes. But then again, maybe the Democratic party would be correct about their not being actually willing to reach my vote, and so they would then be correct in thinking that they in fact won’t reach my vote, (and thus their continuing to not even attempt to earn my vote, other than by deception, may in fact be more logical than it might otherwise appear, given and despite the fascistic stakes).

Pardon my rambles. It just seems to me as if our politics will rebirth fascism. Maybe then our fellow Americans will pay more attention to politics. Maybe progressive organizing should attend there.

Or, maybe the Democratic party will eek out another four years and in that time turn things around. :turtle:


I’m lucky and not lucky when it comes to voting 3rd party. Since I am in Kentucky my vote really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things because tRump will win here in a land slide. I’ lucky and can basically vote my conscience and it really won’t matter. But I am Unlucky in there will probably only be 2 choices for President on the ballot in KY: Biden 0r Trump. So, I will probably end up voting for the Non-trump one LOL


That’s a good video–Radhika is fantastic! I agree with everything they are saying, and it still feels like such a Catch-22. Am I wrong in thinking that while Cornel West is great, he may lack the experience, and his campaign may lack the structure and stability to be entirely desirable?

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I am in the same boat here. My state is deep blue and my county is deep red. My vote never seems to count.

I am going to volunteer or attempt (I have a bad track record) to lol. Based on my initial contact with the campaign I have not seen a better setup for organizing yet to date. The West campaign seems to be very well organized at first glance.

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Good to know, thank you.

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I think others like @enduser may know more than me about the Cornel West campaign.

Personally, I think third parties will split a presidential vote before they may go on to win a later election. If this election ends up split, without a clear presidential winner, then the next election will attend more to third parties which will then appear a more viable option to people. But, in reaction, the establishment will blame third parties as a spoiler, (to ease and project the delusions of the politically entitled status-quo voters), and major parties may attempt to adopt third party policy positions as well.

(… assuming elections after trump).

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They way I look at it is. I would only vote Biden if my vote could have any meaningful chance of swaying the election. If it will not really matter either way, I think you have a duty to protest vote if you are displeased.

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That is a good point about neither major candidate winning enough electoral votes, and one I hadn’t considered as a potential positive until I watched the video you linked with Jill Stien earlier in this thread. Is that necessarily a good thing this time, considering the Republicans have the House? Would they be in charge of deciding who will be president? It’s all somewhat confusing to a political newbie. :woozy_face:

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I wish I had your convictions, but I’m still undecided about what to do.

This is a great question! Frankly, I’m not sure if it is a good idea. :turtle: Maybe others can weigh in.

And, I generally have agreed with @enduser about supporting Biden. I’m in a blue state, and so I feel like my vote should count for a progressive, (read: not Biden). But, if I was in a more contested state, then I would need to consider how my vote might prevent (or otherwise enable) trump.

This Majority Report segment is relevant and seems fair:

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I think Jill Stein makes a really good case for my vote based on that conversation you linked.

I think a vote for Biden maybe a good idea in some scenarios but I feel there is a lot that will happen between now and needing to choose.

I like third party chances honestly I would vote Stein. Heavily pushing Jill Stein early to see if we could get some momentum early may be a good direction. If you must shift to Biden later that maybe the move.

Maybe she could peel support from both Biden and RFK Jr. I wonder if we could somehow catalyze that?

I agree with Sam, but he has the ability to make a 2 minute point agonizingly long sometimes lol.