The ultimate truth & critical path

It turns out Robert Frost was right…

The Road Not Taken is enlightenment, because indeed the path commonly chosen is war. This is proven by the ruins of razed civilizations. The war waged to fight over spoils always follows the pillaging of the artifacts and literature. This ruination then allows our inheritance to be lost to time severing the ties to the granger of our ancestors. When we conquer the passive do we not realize we are fated for that action to spawn a power vacuum that will codify the zero sum mind set. It is a poison pill. You live by the sword, you die by the sword.

We stand upon this choice right now. It is a collective choice, but a choice none the less. Shall we put ourselves into a vicious cycle or a virtuous cycle? Shall we have mutual prosperity or mutual destruction?

How comfortable are you being complicit in your own demise and that of our children?


Noise degrades signal unless attenuated. You must realize the truth in Plutonic logic:

The orders of information are as follows: singular consciousness, dyadic truth, reflection on dyadic truth a reframing process, unified field.

Reframing this concept helps to understand it:

The singular consciousness is rooted in a memory of self and identity.

Dyadic truth of your experiences and practical knowledge. How you reconcile advice and theory with practice.

Triangulation is the wisdom you keep. It is naturally generated between the friction of your first person experiences and the practice of reflection. Divorced from the compulsion of the moment, how do you understand dyadic truth?

The final order is the the ultimate realization that you have a wisdom beyond your mind. Knowledge has a genetic inherency nested in your intuition and the subtle. If you can attenuate to this field you attain a realization. Nirvana, heaven, serenity, or enlightenment is a place you can visit with your mind. The more you practice the easier it becomes. Practice in emotions, and “seeing” the field will allow you to judge how, or if to indulge in emotions.

Fourth dimensional thought and the nature of time and space:
The unified field seems to be represented with toroidal fields. Toroidal spiral field theory, torsion fields theory of physical vacuum, twistor theory, the Torus Vortex, Yin and Yang, Möbius strip, vortex rings, mandalas, Mandelbrot set, Fibonacci sequence, Key of Solomon, Metatron Cube, Star of David, The Golden ratio, Greek/Roman Sacred Geometry, cornucopia, the Celtic knot, Kepler’s cosmological model, the Tree of Life, Euler’s Identity, Emerald tablets, Taoism, Shintoism, are all attempt to show this extra dimensional truth in a lower dimensional state.

I realize I am probably preaching to the choir on some level here so I will add complexity.

Determinization of critical path and intervention or genesis of fields:

Resonance is the key to creation of the field. We are capable of creation of fields through practice and intention. Systems and philosophy are in a dyadic relationship, so if we create a system in essence we are reciting a philosophy. I like to call this process Litany.

The Litany can take be formed for use with a system of interlocking platforms that reflect truth and good work. These platforms could give us the hope we need right now. It would also potentially deliver a future worth fighting for.

Critical path: Is yes and. Does a system reflect a philosophy or a philosophy reflect a system? Philosophical culture and systems are a dyadically linked. The key to the critical path is they must be created at the same time. Think of this as a chrysalis and in the other state we must preform a practice. We must stop framing systems as a primary. Systems organically create culture which is reflected in a toroidal infinity the dyadic companion to practical knowledge with introspection. Balance is the process and the system can, and will fail anti-fragility must be aimed for.

On a side note TYT you guys have been really responsive to critique and that is really rare in any platform I have encountered. I am posting here because this is the only place I really believe in to have the culture that is required to produce the results we all deserve. I feel between this post and the Litany linked within this post there is an encapsulation of my ethos.

It could be summed up with this: hive mined is our path not the hive mind.