The war on Gaza

I think we are all very sick about what is going on in Gaza. The UN Security Council seems to never do things.

The three points I would like to make about the protest actions.

  1. Pelosi is running for reelection and Schumer is running cover for Bibi.

  2. It is LONG past time we end the veto for the UN Security Council. We need UN peace keeping troops in Port-au-Prince and Gaza post haste.

  3. Israel IT surveillance complex is huge and exported across the world we should subject these products to an embargo.

The last points I will make is that the frame of Hamas needing to be never let up because if they do they will attack Israel again is seemingly frenzied rage. It is clear to the world that Israel is imparting their collective trauma on the people of Palestine.

First off Israel is attacking Hamas while bombing Palestine? An attack on Hamas that doesn’t target a country containing its leadership is absurd. Israel attacks so far seem to do little to Hamas. Bibi fixates on Hamas when isn’t this about hostages? How many hostages have been freed?

Second if you take civilian hostages with little to no military value you are engaging in an act of terrorism. This means that you would likely be attempting to strike a bargain not start a zero sum final gambit.

Accountability is what is needed for this event in our history. For the same atrocities that occurred in the medac pocket in the 90’s. All involved have to be held accountable to the world, even Biden

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It is really about respect for humanity. Those that don’t understand must be countered.

Many of these New York Times writers are gig workers from what I understand. I wonder if we could create a bounty system for writing news articles? We could maybe have a request for a story or a deep dive. You could maybe people have some pre-order or backing ability.

So, I’m really into supporting Palestine and truly believe that there needs to be a respect for all humanity, no matter who you are or what you believe!!!
So I’m new to all this an a bit confused. Where were we all earlier this year and before this year, I mean why didnt we support Palestine and Hammas then? Wasnt Israel so bad and inhuman then?
And I heard that if I were to actually meet some Muslim’s in Palestine, they really wouldnt accept my gay and trans friends? They said that chances are, they would hurt them real bad…
If we are supporting respect for humanity and these are the types that are in charge in Palestine?

I am not what you mean by we all. If you mean protest I think it is a reaction. If you mean support for Palestine you may have been looking in the wrong places.


There are far right Israeli that would be equally hostile to your friends. The middle east is a big place, my guess is you would be surprised at how much gender fluidity is accepted in certain settings.

The IDF is having problems with intelligence. It doesn’t surprise me they didn’t know the world was on another page then they were.