The Warning Best Prog Rock band ever

Just sharing. This is the best rock band I’ve ever seen. Sisters Daniela, Paulina and Alejandra Villarreal from Monterrey, Mexico were you tube cover stars, now they’re not only rock stars, but the the future of rock music. Their latest drop “Evolve” is mindblowing. I can’t include links here, check out Evolve by The Warning I just turned 60 and I’ve never heard better music. And frankly, that band should be encompassed by this channel, check it out, you know I’m right.

I really like Blind Guardian in that space. I like The Warnings, but the aesthetic and sound is a bit to much like commercial punk rock fusion of the nineties for me. I want to see something more like RATM if I get to pick something from that era, but that is just my taste.

I really like stuff more like Brass Against they have a bomb vocalist named Sophia Urista.