This is all wrong, we are literally in reverse

During the pandemic I’ve noticed the decline in ​social interactions impact it had us as a society, this really causing people to lose intellect and common communication skills due to looking for comfort or safe place of their own. This leads to a inability to relate, which is very dangerous for it foreshadows a downward trend of lack in empathy, of course circumstantially dependent. This basically leading to stupidity or lack of inability of perception, leading at looking at the first thing that stands to individual COLOR. When in conflict or disagreement of which makes an individual uncomfortable, they rebuttal with the first thing that comes to mind, often times more than not it’s color!

I think this is best proven with the Karens/Kens popping up. But now we’re also seeing anti Karens. So maybe if we (progressives) work hard to be kind and support people we don’t know. Literally walk up to people and say “Hi can I help you./ Do you want help” we can counteract and even expand on social skills and awareness . If I get a hi from someone I always reply and I’ll be more likely to say hi to the next person first.