To lie or not to lie that is the question

So to some it up the utilization of masking for benefit of society, not to manipulate, but to alleviate an individual pensiveness that you’re conversating with reaches. Intent is to reach an epiphany or epitome through their own natural path and compass, this is formed through sharing experiences non subjectively, but with intent , thus not only creating trust but imbedding a link for us to collectively grow stronger because once something of value is planted it will spread. We have all have aspects of a strong moral and principled guide of where stand, but it put t plainly environmental factors in relation to ones upbringing and lack or willingness of acceptance for other peoples perspective, is just ignorance and lack of education. The fact that individuals can’t realize simplicity that different regional areas have different ideologies is ridiculous, what make you think some in Alaska could immediately relate to some in New Zealand, patience, understanding, and know when your time is being wasted to move on to a group that may have some sort humanity is key.

Instead of Lying or not Lying I think encouraging local thinking might do better in convincing some groups to do what they can in their area, telling people in Kansas that windmills are the solution to the climate crisis isn’t productive, Putting them offshore is much better and building solar plants ort Nuclear plants is much better for inland areas.

Asking questions and finding their problems and local solutions that they can get behind is much better and it gives that group ownership of the achievement/upkeep/longevity of the solution.

There are a lot of ways farmers and rural areas, in general, can invest that both help them and the climate. Also there are more commonalities you can find than you think. Alaska / New Zealand is both heavily reliant on the sea and they share cold climates for example. even though they cant be further apart.

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My question as someone that so to speak hold the ideal, WORD IS BOND, I question whether I should change my approach to better suit different individuals in public, which unfortunately deals with a ideology white lies lead ing greater good, because we all no, some are almost impossible to reach logically, I just don’t know where the line is?

If they are impossible to reach logically then what lies will reach them emotional stories ?

you absolutely need to adapt your philosophy.

Word is bond only if you have the integrity for people to trust it.

A bond can be broken, so before you accept someone’s word, make sure that word has any value in the first place.

Ok fair enough, I just don’t like thought mislead, but the integrity behind it genuine. I’ll put some more thought into it

The intent must be proven. Proof is in action not words.
If the actions match the rhetoric, that’s a good place to start.