To our corporate masters, we risk the kingdom my lords

Look how Democrats go after Nina Turner.
Using the Progressive Caucus to lift Chantel Brown, the Corporate Puppet, up as… a Progressive?

Didn’t Shontel Brown win over Nina Turner last time?
What has Ms. Brown done when she took Nina Turner’s seat in the House of Representatives?
And now she wants the Senate, with absolutely no experience, nothing to show for her name, and you want her over Nina Turner for the Senate?

And lose your House of Rep seat?
Because no matter what Nina Turner can’t have an office?

Do you understand that Shontel Brown’s politics have to align with Progressives before she can claim being Progressive?

Living wages, affordable housing, and universal healthcare because it is the very definition of a first world country.

Because Progressives have been shat on ever since Biden got elected, keep us from ANY social spending, and still talk shit about our politics.

The last time anyone hated the radical socialist left this much was Adolf Hitler.

What is wrong with fair compensation and worker treatment?

What happened to taxation with representation?

Why is everyone pretending that hard working Americans are ok?

Can’t afford childcare.
Can’t afford prescription drugs or healthcare.
Can’t afford our homes, cost of living, and because our wages can’t keep up with our lives, causes the homeless crises we are dealing with today.

If you haven’t noticed, people are pissed.
That’s why Gallego is a shoe in for Sinema’s seat.

That’s why Mark Kelly is in trouble.

That’s why if you regurgitate any more Corporate Democrat policy, business owner’s lives will be compromised.
I’m a business owner, and I am concerned.

Exploitation has a price, because it costs people their lives, why would you think they wouldn’t want yours after taking theirs?

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