Too Strong Coffee

Hey all, long time member/viewer. I watch a few shows on the network religiously. Also a long time Too Strong Coffee drinker. I’ve ordered over 10lbs of coffee from them since discovering via TYT, and they’ve even featured one of my glowing reviews in their promotional emails. I will start by saying they absolutely have the best coffee I’ve ever had and haven’t been able to drink other brands since trying it. That said, my last order was placed 15 days ago and according to the tracking info it hasn’t shipped. I emailed them over a week ago to see what’s going on, as they always ship within a couple days. Never received a response, so I’ve been emailing them every couple days since trying to resolve the issue, and have yet to receive any response from them. Pretty infuriating at this point, and it seems my only recourse it keep emailing them and hope they eventually respond. Anyone else had an experience like this? I feel like I can’t do business with them after this, and am honestly pretty heartbroken about it.

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Very unfortunate, but I feel you’ve picked an odd thread in which to disclose this information…

The situation was resolved to my satisfaction. Their customer service rep went AWOL and stopped performing their job duties some time ago without the company’s knowledge. Was given a very generous offer of compensation to make up for the situation as well.

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