Topic Tree (Image): Please collaborate with input (New Topics, Suggest Different Arrangement)

Your input is very Important.

You can right-click on it and open on a new tab. A link to topics classified so far is here:

Come on Vote for ideas on our Topic Tree!


This looks fantastic, nice work!
You could caps the main categories, maybe make the font larger than the subcategories.
The root could be rotated to lay on the left edge so it doesn’t stand out, change the name to something like AMERICA or OUR WORLD that’s catchy and still be the base of this tree.
Embed the subcategories into the lines instead of above them, without line behind letters.
I only have a few minutes free per day and 99% of my online xp is through the phone, this new setup looks to be amazing.
Thanks 4th Wall, you rock!

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Thanks for the feedback. For that I will have to use another software, but I can easily accommodate now that I see a lot of value on your input. There are a few of your suggestions that I can do with this same one… I will put the rest on my backlog.

Please stay tuned!

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And the one thing that is the biggest issue on every hot topic, the bribes! I think, that no matter what topic or issue is discussed, it’s ALWAYS brought up how removing the bribes would help every single issue. We know this, but we have to drive that home at every step. It’s crucial to speaking to conservatives too, because it’s the only thing they seem to agree on. We just have to get them to realize they support the worst corrupt politicians. Great work!


I really liked this image it really needs to act like a legend / key on a map.

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