Trump is Guilty, Guilty Joy

I usually feel guilty when i see something terrible happening to folks. But to be honest, I do have some (guilty) Joy about the 34 convictions.

I dont know if this’ll change any minds, but I certainly hope so. What do you think?


It won’t change minds IMO. However, those who respect “the rule of law” might pull back from the Trumpists. There is one republican politician from MD who I believe said that the verdict should be respected.

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The BBC online is showing live from NYC and they have a panel of disagreeing commentators analysing everything - including comments and posts coming out now.

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For MAGA I suspect they wont change their minds. But independent voters might.

I can’t believe there are folks that haven’t decided. It boggles the mind.

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For lack of sounding completely pessimistic, the only difference I foresee is that of renewed calls for violence and retaliation from the empty talking heads of the Right. The disillusioned, independent, and still undecided voter’s red line for Trump’s shit is as predictably impotent as Biden’s red line with Israel. While I despise Biden for his support of Israel’s genocide, I strongly believe that Trump in the White House would be inconceivably worse. Not just for us in America, or for Palestinians (some argue by saying it can’t get any worse, but does history not show us that it always can?). Trump is dangerous for the world as a whole. A kind of danger from which we may never have the ability to fully recover. While I think it’s great that some can find hope in third-party candidates–I wish I had such resolve! I cannot help but see them as more than a stolen or wasted vote. I apologize for not hiding the heaviness in my heart; I just cannot find it in myself to be hopeful, even today, as our democracy, however flawed it may be, hangs in such a fragile balance.

I hear you. I worry about violence too.

However, this might be seen as the beginning of something positive. I envision folks in the GOP going after indictments for dems. Then a back and forth goes on with more and more indictments until ultimately we see at least some corrupt politicians are convicted and removed from office.

But who knows? Certainly not me.

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No need to fell guilty, imo. I don’t see what has happened to Trump as a terrible thing. He has lived nearly consequence-free for 75+ years. That is not healthy. I think receiving consequences, even at this late stage, teaches a valuable lesson. It gives him the opportunity, perhaps for the first time in his life, to truly reflect upon the connection between these consequences and his own actions. What he does with that opportunity is up to him.

As for changing minds, I was gratified to see how public opinion acknowledging the legitimacy these indictments, and the subsequent trial, have increased since testimony began. Time will tell what, if any, effect it will have on election day.