Turk/Jerk of the Year

Where are we supposed to nominate people/vote?

I don’t think it’s up yet. It’ll probably be on most of the platforms. I’m having a hard time coming up with Turks and Jerks. We can start a convo in here to come up with some. Who are you thinking about nominating?

Vladamir Putin for Jerk of the Year for starting the war with Ukraine and hurting the world economy.

Not sure about Turk of the Year.


Kristen Sinema

Sinema has been bad this year and should get coal in her stocking. I think starting a war trumps her betrayal. Putin for Jerk of the year!

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I actually agree with you. In my own ignorance I was thinking domestically, but yes. Putin trumps Sinema any day.

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Turk- The Iranian Women Jerk - Joe Manchin

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I like the idea of all of the protesters in Iran as Turks. I also like the Brazilian voters for voting to save the Amazon and all of the union organizers in the US.

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The polls for Turk and Jerk are up on the main page now.