Twitter was tanked purposely

I believe Elon Musk was really trying to get out of the deal of purchasing Twitter bur he was approached by several other billionaires and or members of white supremacists for him to purchase Twitter and they would reimburse him fully or partiality. This was done to fully neutralize the left and all movements towards equality and justice. Trump is now runnung for president. They only need to shut us down until he wins…they want to stop all pur grass-roots for the time beung… we need to scream this to all the winds!! Elon didn’t lose money…He made money with the TWITTER PURCHASE…QUIET MONEY

I also believe that Musk was trying to get out of purchasing Twitter but when he discovered how expensive that was going to be he had to switch gears. He will figure out a way to not lose all of his speculated wealth. But I think it will either come from advertising, other investors or our tax money. I think that all billionaires are frenemies and cannot band together that strongly. However, they all benefit from us fighting and things carrying on as they are. With that being said, they will stoke the right a little more but that’s about it. Side note; F the billionaires’ agenda, we still need to fight for equality and justice.