Two ideas. Ads criticizing lack of dem primary. Reach out to YouTube + other influencers

I would like to see some ads calling out the Democrats for not planning a primary or running a challenger. Point out in the ad that it is by its very nature cowardly and undemocratic not to have such debates.

A democratic president should welcome all challengers. Always. There should always be challengers, even if the President were FDR.

I also think Cenk really should run for President. As he points out, winning the election isn’t the only way to win. Just running may get others to run. We need somebody other than Biden in the running. We need primaries.

Unrelated, a fundamental problem is breaking people out of their corporate bubbles. I think that a cost-effective way to reach more people might be to reach out to YouTube influencers to promote TYT and the progressive movement. I am thinking about YouTubers like pseudoscience debunkers like sci-man-dan, atheist channels, socialist channels like Renegade Cut, and maybe even others like Beau the Fifth Column. Really anything that might have an audience that tends to lean left.

Further, I think that there are a lot of people who are in conservative bubbles that might be able to have their anger re-directed at the actual architect of their misery if they can just get enough information to think that there is another option.


I think this has some very good merit. Not to try to pressure or try but Hassan has a very large Twitch presence, and has there been any bleeding of this project to other progressive communities? I know it’s a lot of in fighting at the end of the day, but there has to be a larger community with TYT based hosts past ( in good standing ) and present that could possibly build this up a bit broader.


It is very difficult to make this right. Hassan had to separate from TYT to define his identity. It helped him to gain traction to make this turbulent.

I have no clue obviously. Hassan may want to reconcile, but it might be really difficult to extend the olive branch.

I totally agree with your first part about the primaries, and honestly, I think that’s the overall reason why Cenk is thinking about running to kinda start a spark with other progressives out there but deep down I can tell he really doesn’t want to run especially how crazy the house race turned out.

To your other point about reaching out to other influencers that ship has sailed. The independent left has really become toxic from all the infighting. The democratic primaries of 2020 were the moment when the left began to set up the explosives. Almost every progressive was in their own camps between Sanders, Warren, Yang, Williamson, Styer, and Gabbard. 2020 was the fuse then “Force the vote” was the match… then BOOM!!! The left has been broken ever since.

We’re probably never going to hear anything from Hasan even though he and Cenk are on good terms personally, but Hasan isn’t trying to rock the boat with his audience who pays A LOT of money for their subs


Cenk is actually on Hasan’s stream pretty often. I think he was last on his stream over Labor Day Weekend when they had a “family get together” and Cenk jumped on with him while he was there


I am not sure if everyone at TYT has let go the betrayal.

In Hawaii there is a tradition of an elder kahana (peacemaker) respected by two factions that have conflict to come resolve the conflict.

Some PHD dude came by and monetized it a while ago. As a result the original tradition was covered up. It is called ho’oponopono (to make right more right) the new age version is about forgiveness of yourself which is sort of it.

Basically you talk about the grievance in a very particular way. Only to acknowledge them not to start a debate. Then you talk about the pain with the intention to make things right with all parties. Then you reconcile and agree on a way to move forward. The final step is a feast. It is really an amazing processes.

The concept is misunderstood to be about forgiveness when it is really about recognizing your greatness in nature and harmony.

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Man that sounds epic! That right there, that’s exactly what the left needs to do. All this back-biting behavior is not getting us any closer to the union America needs. I’ve seen so much betrayal against TYT over misunderstandings and refusal to actually try to work things out.

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