Two strategies that we can use to win now

  1. Utilize the new NLRB ruling to boost union membership.
  • Now that the NLRB has ruled to recognize unions automatically when employers try to engage in union busting, we should try to get out the word to workers across America to form unions.
  • We should put funding or volunteering into creating a network where people can get questions answered on how to form a union and give resources / support to people who are trying to do so.
  • Once union membership goes up, we will effectively kill two birds with one stone. One people will get better wages and benefits from their employers. Two unions will provide people with a community and that may lead to people gaining more progressive views.
  1. Organize on the state level to pack state governments with progressives.
  • Although it is worth it to tackle the federal level, it may be more beneficial to pack the California, Minnesota, insert blue state legislature with progressives. I believe this, because it takes less funding and it is more effective since you don’t have to overcome republics in blue states. I have noticed this working in a smaller degree already. Look at Minnesota as an example, they passed a bunch of great laws with a simple majority. California passed the 20 wage for fast food workers. If we put our mind to it and pack the state government, we can get a progressive state that is a shining example of what the country should be. The governor of that state would be primed up for a presidential run too.
  • The main focus we should have is the Governers seat. We should have a group of several united progressives to run for the Governers office. During the debates, we should outnumber the corporate dems and clobber them over the head with talking points like, “You are the only one who doesn’t believe we can do universal health care in the state” etc etc. Then when we get closer to the voting time. All the progressives should drop out and coalesce around one candidate. This is similar to the move Joe Biden pulled against Bernie in 2020. If we have a bunch of people talking about how progressive policies are possible on the stage and they all drop out to back one candidate, we effectively got our message out and did not split the vote.

Hello there TYT Fam,

I wanted to suggest a deeslcalation training session for Opperation Hope so that we can a)get to know each other a little and b)learn about our group norms, how to stay on track with strategy and overall working together to have steps in place if and when internal conflict happens.

We are all very aware of how political/justice work gets derailed internally (heck, its been a CIA playbook for decades). I think having a real discussion of how we deal with this would be a helpful tool before having to do it during conflict when feelingsbwould be high.

I think an internal infrastructure would be a strategy attached to that (as the second strat)



Deeslcalation needs to be coupled with counter surveillance. Systemic agitation and incitement by sleeper agent provocateur is the story. As USAID is an extension of CIA, they likely have influence over several “progressive” outlets that act as counter messaging operations.

TYT has been taking the bait on these Jimmy things and I think it is a mental health thing for them to know. Jimmy is likely part of a network of erroneously funded progressive outlets and it is likely influenced by psy ops. In fact Alphabet has been heavily entangled with them for years. Hiding in plain sight is their big move. Youtube clearly helps those like Jimmy on the sly.

This is very powerful direction we must pursue.

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Howdy snaik,
Regarding the quoted strategy, I have another topic thread which could help with yours :slight_smile: please check out run progressive republican. It would help us especially in purple and red states I think.
Thanks, take care<3