TYT ARMY - Task Force 2 - Research & Reporting


We Are Family :man-woman-girl-boy:! I’ve got all my brothers and sisters with me! We are family! Get up everybody – SING :notes:!!! That’s right! Just a little trip down memory lane to get you in the mood. Follow me down The Long and Winding Road :motorway: and Walk This Way :dancin_smiley: to Task Force 2 – Research and Reporting :books:.

In TF2 :books:, we have made it our mission to save those who have been Blinded By The Light :bulb:of mainstream media. All they are airing these days is Dirty Laundry :basket:. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH :done:! We research the facts in order to Fight The Power :fist::skin-tone-2:. We are arming ourselves with truth and Taking It To The Streets :vertical_traffic_light:! You, too, can be a part of our team. With a Little Help From My Friends :fistbump: this task force can proudly sing “We Are The Champions :trophy:!”

TF2 :books: is a huge part of the TYT Army :alogo:! We are Everyday People :man_kneeling::skin-tone-2::woman_kneeling::skin-tone-2: teaming with the TYT Network :toostrong: and others who share our concerns to make good things happen. These Times, They Are A-Changing :peace_symbol:, thanks to us.

Let’s Come Together to create a Brave New World! Never let it be said that we backed down from the Revolution. We stand up to power and although it is a difficult journey, We Shall Overcome.

Join us and Imagine a world without propaganda, hate and oppression. All You Need is Love (and the TRUTH)!!!

You can join the TF2 – Research and Reporting :books: team here:

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