TYT Debate Show

I would like to see in, and much more like to but a part of, TYT creating a debate show. I don’t mean a 1 or 2 hour show, I mean a good 4-5-6 maybe even 7 hour debate show. It’s a pity that TYT is not invited to host political debates for candidacy and I think a show like this would build an eventual public outcry for debates to be conducted in the manner in which a show like this would be put forth. Start the debates off debating like minded idealists participated by the Justice Democrats candidates for office and office holders, to then hopefully be able to offer invitations for debate to candidates who have opposing and serious minded arguments to ideals. Rrsolutuons to arguments have very little time to form in just a 1 or 2 hour time limit and as well leaves less time to understand who the participants in the debate are. The debate environment should be relaxed and accommodating to all participants involved, aside from verbal arguments. Food and drink available and relaxants accessible. Immediate fact-checking to dissuade erroneous statements from being propogated. Society needs to be able to see what intelligent discussion looks like and I know I can help with this. I have plenty more ideas. Tell me what you think of this one.


Dr. Rashad Richey provides such a platform on his show Indisputable.

15 minutes everyday against Right Wing talking heads on issues going on today.
They can’t handle more than that, let alone an hour.

I’ve been surprised before, some of these people actually make sense!
Except for the fact that they never have a good reason to still be politically affiliated the way they are.
Nevertheless, some smart cookies. Few and far between, but it’s always fun in the bullpen.

Check it out after The Damage Report 12:30pm PST on youtube, twitch, or wherever you get your TYT.

You’re welcome.

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count me in!!!

I am well aware of Dr. Richey. 15 minute debates accomplish very little and really how many minds are going to be changed in 15 minutes and if two people are debating that averages to about 7 1/2. That and Richey is on his home court and more control of the narrative. That is not to say that Dr. Richey doesn’t hold it down, I’m saying 15 minutes limits the aspects of argumenta that can be delved into. What I propose is lengthy conversation loosely moderated to showcase participants abilities to engage in intelligent discussion in order to find solutions to serious issues. The debates for national office are truly pathetic, 1-2 hour performances cut into 1-2 miutes soundbites, with topics generally conditional to the participants approval. I want see TYT host debates and I think developing a new format for debates will accomplish that goal faster.

ok forgive me for playing devil’s advocate of this, but I honestly agree with you to a certain degree relating to international topics that can be subjective based on an individual’s belief and standpoint, leaving a difficult task to comprehensively include multiple perspectives that are valid. That being said in todays socio-economic climate, to find individual from different social backgrounds that are actually open to reason and discussions tends to be rather difficult, I mean your familiar with Dr. R show. To actually have an individual actually debate on substance reasoning is quite difficult. It would be a task, along with all the others they have, to allocate the time they need available to do such a lengthy debate, I would have to a special circumstance and time set.

There isn’t much serious discussion out there.

Of all of the guests Dr. Richey brings on, only a handful even come close to being good faith actors with real politics to discuss.

The rest is culture war trash, backlash to the people’s ability to talk smack.

They call it cancel culture because they literally cancel themselves not being able to check themselves.
Just going to keep running your head into the wall.

Take Joe Rogan for example, how do you think anyone is going to reach him?
Was called out on his own show, hasn’t given him pause at his own embarrassment.

You’re asking for miracles.

So my man jedi, I agree with you on this, on few different levels, I’ll do my best to explain. All of Dr. R’s material is valid, down to the letter. The issue I feel is redundancy, which shouldn’t be placed on the reporter, but the fault of said specific individual, a sort of reflection of the general public. The public, who continually choose to follow the same path, feels at times as if we are “beating a dead horse,” but the thing is the issue is till prevalent, the fact we lay down the truth and yet still yields minor affect, seems to me that the issue stems from a deeper causation. The issue I’ve run into is people lack of patience to delve deeper or to have a platform to actually explain. But where there’s a will there’s a way. I hope lol

I share the same sentiment, however I feel Dr. Richey is doing what is necessary to get us there.
He provides a forum to own the libs, which makes debate a competitive sport to them.

It may take time, but let’s remember these people are coming out of their comfort zone for the first time, experiencing substantial discussion, and beginning to understand the landscape of logic and reason.

To be fair, the 3 or 4 real contenders we’ve had already that have provided quality discussion is a miracle in it’s own right!

I say give it time, let them get used to this, then we can build on that.

Baby steps. :wink:

Well you have to make a big splash to get attention for any thing and you have to be bright to stand out. Celebrations for baby steps are fleeting rewards and will soon be forgotten. We need some incessant jingly noises to what we’re doing constantly reminding them where we are and that we’re coming. Capitalize on people wanting rockstars for representatives. Get candidates running for office as participants (I feels like I’m beating a dead horse here), on a debate show that lasts at least eight hours, if the average working man put in 8 a day, a candidate should be able to devote an eight hour day into their job interview process. We need to showcase the debate talent that I know is own our side and bring out the talent yet to bloom. Like I said before the early shows would do better with like minded debates but would theoretically gain popularity and expand into more intense contradictory debate. Boy wouldn’t it be fun to watch an idiot get flushed out over the course of eight hours. Oh the ideas that would spew from this exercise. I want to show the country what an energetic and productive congress should look like. I want to flip this government on its back and pick all the ticks off its belly and all the nether and whatever other regions. I want to call for an Independent Congressional ReConstitution. But that’s another subject. Think about this, wouldnt you like to see a long lengthy back and forth debate on police reform, what reforms are needed, how to implement them and the adjustment period for the reforms, debated by the candidates running right now. These are the things that congressiomal seats are supposed to be about. We need to remind the country that a representative is supposed to represent.

I have been wanting something similar.
I don’t like debates for the reason you stated about Dr. Richey’s program - both sides leave the debate as though they won. Look at every time we laugh at how poorly conservatives do in debates, yet their side is celebrating and laughing at us. Take the Ana and Ben Shapiro debate for example.

I would like to see a longform (I was thinking 3 hours for a topic) debate or discussion show where we have good faith reps on both sides, each with a team of fact checkers (as well as independent ones) that can jump in between commentary. Also allowing certain viewers the ability to comment (those who have shown to be fair, thoughtful, etc.) that can reach the panelists. How many times have you watched a debate, thinking, “Say X, please!” and they don’t.

In the end, my goal is not to have winners of a debate, but to thoroughly dispose of bad arguments that keep coming back up. I’m tired of arguing the same points year after year.

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I’ll say it simply as this, I don’t either my charisma, character, or stances in opinion I hold, but I’m opened minded, willing to learn and display what it feels to be corrected in humble manner. Good actually perspective with the ability to genuinely try to understand others stand point. Would mind giving it a shoot ig given. My man Ijedi could atone for that lol as well same goes for him. and seems fro you too

Thinking about this one… A Senate position is more than one seat, the Senate is an office, and I think we should start thinking about teams we want to send Progressives with.

It’s what I’m thinking Cisneros needs, it’s how Nina can better combat Shontel Brown.

If our Progressives had dragon wings, that might help.