TYT Discord Movie Nights

We have started a Weekly Movie Night over on the TYT Discord in the #movie-night channel and Voice Chat. We all need a break from the news sometimes, it’s very important that we are all taking care of our own mental health, and here’s a chance to do that with our community! Laugh Together Tuesday is the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month. This week TYT YouTube Moderator LeftLeaningLindsey will be showing “The Goonies” at 9:00pm EDT.

We will be showing a Documentary on the other Tuesday Nights. There will be a post in Discord to vote for what documentary will be watched.

speaking of the goonies, Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Never felt so targeted in my life.
It was absolutely beautiful.

Next Tuesday there’ll be more same time 9:00 PM EDT. Don’t forget to vote for our Documentary Night next week : Discord