TYT - Lets have a weekly TYT segment on politicians who are bribed?

TYT Staff,

As we all know the money in our politics has created such a hurdle that its damn near impossible to get any of our major initiatives done. Until we can get a constitutional amendment passed that accomplishes this, I think we should lay the ground work for this in the media. The public is not aware of how bad it really is and if they kept hearing about it over and over they’d get mad about it and help create change.

I’m proposing there be a recurring weekly segment that focuses on specific instances of bribery of politicians. In the segment you could discuss instances where a person or organization donates money to a politician and in return that politician votes a certain way, or for a certain ear mark. This may sound simplistic but this is one thing the mainstream media never talks about. I think it would go a long way in creating the energy in the public to get money out of politics.


A scoreboard, like the playoffs, showing the leading donors and their stable of politicians, corporations, lobbyists and have it as background during political discourse so its always in peoples minds and they can decide for themselves where someone’s motivations really are :joy::joy_cat::rofl::+1:
Have a standard frame for politicians like a baseball card and “team affiliation” section for the major donors

When data like this is composed and validated carefully then the eyes of K Street will be fixed on TYT and that has some serious possibilities for both effect and education

Remember, the dow Jones industrial average was developed by a “confidence man” to make money off the rubes
Things become important in a vacuum so lets fill this space first​:joy::joy_cat::rofl::+1:

Please have Rick Strom from TYT sports and his team working on this.
Remember, it must be a “leaderboard” kind of display, like the flag in earlier shows.
The WolfPac Leaderboard in political corruption :joy::joy_cat::rofl::+1:


This is an amazing idea - please implement this!


This idea meets a need for messaging to be eye-catching, easily digestible, relatable, and cleverly humorous in order to be optimally effective in identifying the substance of the matter itself and to reach a wide range of of the populus, inside and outside of our progressive bubble.

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Imagine a “nightmare team” scenario to see which black money is getting billions in kickbacks from the government and compare the value of the bribes to calculate the “chump index” :joy::joy_cat::rofl::+1:

We could have a lot of shadenfroid from this😹

Every politician would have a CI index to determine intelligence :joy::rofl::joy_cat:

Like people have said, make them wear their owner donor labels like in golf or nascar.
We should come up with a “Coruption Score or Index” with transparency as key, that way people could easily see how bad they are.

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I like this it doesn’t rely on the causal linkage to show the corruption. I think another avenue if for them to asked about if they don’t back the green new deal because of X donor.

There inaction is obvious we should ask them why.

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Love it😍