TYT Progress Report

I was reading the Progress Report yesterday and had an idea. Just incase you didn’t read it, this is the part that sparked it:
the fact that as a society generally we’re freaking out more about stuff we used to take with more aplomb (seriously, look up the number of plane hijackings, domestic bombings, and homicides in the ‘70s…and we still managed to create both disco and punk rock).
Having anxiety for a reason is normal. So why are we more anxious now? Would a graph of our aplomb decline be the inverse (pretend I used the right big word here if I didn’t) of the graphs of wealth inequality or real wages or the difference between CEO pay and worker pay? These all cause insecurity in our home base and when we don’t have a place to feel secure, we can get anxious. Some people respond by protesting Wall Street, some by going down a Q hole and everything in-between. Of course I want everyone who needs mental health care to get it, but is that the real problem?
Thanks for listening.