TYT Spoils Reality - Share your instances!

I loathe spoilers! Even more than the regular movie goer, tv viewer or any artistic representation consumer. And even sometimes to a fault: I have to avoid conversations if I haven’t consumed the artistic sample yet. I mean, the artist/creator has prepared an experience for people to enjoy and these experiences usually come with an order in which they are supposed to be discovered… whether it is for the feelings that I would have at the moment (surprise, awe, and even sadness among others) or finding out if I would have discovered some kind of mystery or plot twist on my own.

But in terms of reality (or Fourth Wall you might say), I need to have a grasp of what is likely to come in the future and that can only be achieved with an understanding of the external reality, its actors and motivations and how they behave as individuals, as part of a group and even in the public discourse…. either as “public servants” or as the electorate. The machinations they do as decision makers and how these play a role in shaping the external reality we share.

I don’t just say this: there have been instances in which TYT does a wrong assessment of a story, but they do hold themselves to a high standard.

These public recants as consequence, are analog to the how the scientific process weeds out wrong conclusions: this takes are to be corrected when proven wrong, just like scientists are expected to recant after a peer review proves the position wrong.

So, yes: they do correct when shown wrong… but there are plentiful of instances in which they do foresee what’s about to happen, even when operating within their biases. TYT, unlike others that hide their bias and possible conflicts of interest with the hopes of you just aligning to their narrative, communicate theirs so you can know where they come from in regard to the subject matter at hand.


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It’s no surprise, Ana has repeatedly tons of times: It’s the incentive system that MSM has been part of. If the mere sustainability of the media outlet coming from the pockets of the ones in power, there is no surprise in why that do what they do: protecting the status quo while they keep on masquerading the very real corporatocracy that has taken over what is supposed to be a democratic process. TYT escapes this dynamic by keeping themselves dependent of the electorate, which is why you they are the few pointing the issues with such strength and accuracy instead of jumping through hoops in order to justify those phenomena that only make sense when you understand the dynamic as it is, as portrayed by independent media. Independent media with a bold pursue of truth on the backbone of the functioning. For example, like predicting what others might deem as unlikely… like when he was though only one on the table warning about trump’s chances back on Jul 31, 2016:

All videos are time-stamped so you can click and will play at the referenced spot (Time is valuable)

Or the most obvious: like DJT denying election results as political strategy: back in Aug 13 2020:


just to name a few.

Even as recent as 3 weeks ago, without even trying on video uploaded February 23, 2024: Cenk’s thought experiment

was proven right that same night!!! at Jimmy Kimmels:

After 10 years of listening and supporting the network, believe me: there is a GREAT difference in the way I understand the external reality and how, very much often, TYT has helped me smell the cheese…. it is amazing how far follow the money can take you: Money, as a token for survival, is very powerful atractor within a chaotic system such as politics.

I wish people would be more appreciative of the treasure you have with a news media outlet like TYT… I will expand on other posts.