TYT's Change Machine is Here and it's Free!

Corporations may be full of resources, but the people…actual, real people, We The People, are more resourceful.

Resourcefulness through emergence. TYT’s AOC (Artifact Of Change)

Yes, I just started with the cliché definition from Merriam-Webster. I have good reasons, though. Etymologically, seems to mean the same as for corporations: full of resources… and in a sense we are: We have plentiful of Hoperatives

What is a Hoperative?

that are also resourceful (as defined) on their own accord, which makes our potential even bigger because of this feedback loop and all other feedback loops we can willingly deploy.

For this platform, we can re-arrange its components and take advantage of its tools to make this something more than a Discussion Board. We can then use it to [Align Our Priorities], whether it’s on [Conceptual] or [Strategic] grounds. By doing this we can create something that is greater than the sum of its parts (Emergence).

Of Course!! It’s better if I show you with a tangible example:

Resourcefulness Instance #1: [Calculating Community Priorities]

Let’s begin with @cenkuygur’s request for the scope being [Legislation Ideas]:
The idea is to compute your opinions and produce a ranked list of priorities that goes in line with the community’s input. We are going to do that in two ways:

  1. Input in your idea and slap onto it the [Legislation Ideas] tag:
Slapping a tag onto a topic


and then I will add the now redundant add-on for [Calculating Community Priorities]:

  • The Add-on contains a Summary of the idea/legislation
Add-on part: Summary of Idea/Legislation

Screenshot 2023-11-21 233434

  • and a place to cast your vote your opinions about it:
Add-on part: Vote Your Opinions

Vote on the topice tree:

Topic Tree

  1. Ranked Choice for [Legislation Ideas]:
    Order of relevance (being 1 your 1st priority). You can submit either for [Conceptual] (The idea itself) or [Strategical] grounds (In which order should we tackle)… Or both!!
    We will expand the scope after Dec 1st to include the rest of Ideas that are in the process of being mapped … Or before, if requested by @cenkuygur or @alison_hartson.

You can pick from the [Topic Tree] or even include link to the specific idea you want to support:




List of Hot Topics for Ranked Choice
1. Civil Rights
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Discrimination
  • Gender Equality
  • Homelessness
  • Paid Family Leave
  • Private Jails
  • Social/Economic Justice &Security
  • Reproductive Rights
2. Climate Change
  • [Placeholder for Subset]
3. Democratic Process
  • End Gerrymandering
  • Money In Politics / Corporatocracy
  • Privatization of Public Services
4. Education
  • College for All
  • Public & Charter Schools
  • Student Loan Debt
5. Foreign Policy
  • Immigration Reform
  • International Conflict
  • Trade Agreements
6. Gun Control
  • Background Checks
  • Red Flag Laws
7. Health Care Reform
  • Drug Price Policy
  • Healthcare System
  • War on Drugs
8. Income Inequality
  • Reforming Capitalism
  • Tax Reform
  • Wall Street Reform
  • Workers/Union Rights
9. Influence of Religion in Government
  • Sexual Morality
10. Media Meta Analysis
  • Nefarious Incentive System in MSM
  • Neutrality Vs Objectivity


{Type: Conceptual
1: Main topic,
2: Subtopic,
3: Link,
4: etc.}

For [Conceptual] ranked choice, located here:


Placeholder for link: [Conceptual Ranked Choice]


{Type: Strategic
1: Main topic,
2: Subtopic,
3: Link,
4: etc.}

for [strategic] ranked choice, in case you intend to input the chronological order in which you consider issues should be tackled. This one is located here:


Placeholder for link: [Strategic Ranked Choice]

So, go ahead…make your opinions count! Computation details will be open to the public so ALL OF US can see how opinions were weighed and computed for the final results:

  1. Top 3 Legislation for @cenkuygur’s request and further use by @alison_hartson and the rest of the team… and
  2. Ranked list of ALL ideas we have shared on the platform.

You can follow-up process at:


[Placeholder for Topic: follow up mapping and categorization of Operation Hope Ideas]


This is going to take me a bit to catch up on, I am very happy with this so far!

It is dark times we need hope right now, thanks for helping to keep it alive!


I read higher is better so to me that man in position of the list, or do you mean number?

Is 1 the strongest agreement or is it 5?

I may have some votes to change.

I posted this in the wrong spot previously.


Oh Yes, I will make sure to clarify on post. For Ranked Choice, lower is better. Being 1 the number one priority conceptually and first in Chronological Order strategically.


I was also confused, glad I read this instead of sleeping. @enduser ignore the message I sent you, I’ll rewrite it and send to self :joy:

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No worries I try to make the benefit of the doubt in others favor. I am prone to error just like anyone, please let me know if you think I am incorrect. The way I learn best is by allowing others to attempt to break my understanding.

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