Unmasking the Dogs

Perhaps it’s time we make AI work for us. The public record should be available for download for most campaign donations, more accurately, the legislative payola. This would be insightful on the local to the national levels for informed voters. Even more effective would be the corporate icons matched to the dollars spent as a visual aid. In the near future AI should be able to superimpose these images onto the candidate’s clothing or run a ticker underneath their “ivory tower” rhetoric, which surely is meditated upon over months of quiet struggle.

Such a format could be tested as a static voter site. Let’s put their money where their mouth is and unmask the dogs.

(On a side note, I don’t see why the Democrats and Republicans don’t bilaterally reject AIPAC, and save the country 14 billion dollars annually (and counting). Then again, the military industrial complex needs a partner on the outside to keep things in flux.)