Updates to Our Discussion Boards <3

Hello to our TYT Community! I just want to let you all know that we are going to be updating our discussion boards. Some channels will be renamed. Some will be moved. Some will be archived. We hope this doesn’t affect you in any way but positively. If you have any questions or suggestions along the way, don’t hesitate to holla!

Why do replies have a 1000 character limit?

I’m not sure. You think it should be more or less?

I would default to more but I am clearly bias. I do really like the changes and have a TOS rules question as well.

I want to lobby that platform I posted in a response to Cenk’s potential run. Is it cool to post a link to a Youtube video that is on my own channel?

The reason is our problem is also throughput videos create a massive throughput advantage to discussion.

Thanks for the feedback - so glad you’re liking the changes overall.

You should be able to post video links. Have you tried yet?

No. I haven’t want to make the video before I knew if I could post it here. Thanks for clarifying for me. I will see about shooting that now.

You may want to try posting another vid first. I don’t wanna mislead you.

Sweet looks good thanks!

Fabulous! Happy to help.

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