US ARMY Veteran detained and forced to urinate in a water bottle by police after being victim of a shooting.

I was driving home after work at 11pm as an armed security guard when i was shot at by someone on my street. i drove a bit ahead the street, then i got out of the vehicle to retrieve my weapon to defend myself just incase more shots came towards my car. I was right on the street i live on. I see one of my neighbors is outside i tell her and her husband to call the police i am an armed guard and a US ARMY veteran and they shot at me. a few minutes go by and her husband instructs me to put down my weapon in his driveway because the police are on their way. i put the weapon down in his driveway and step away from my fire arm (at least 60 ft) before the police arrived. Immediately i told the police i was the victim of a shooting and without comforting me or giving any reassurances to me they cuffed me and put me in the backseat of a squad car. I was detained for 2 hrs asking if i could go to the bathroom and they finally let me go in a water bottle but never allowed me to leave the car. I asked why I was being detained and they kept telling me it was policy. Close to 6hrs went by before they let me go. And they ceased my firearm after. I work as an armed guard and they stopped my source of income by taking my firearm. I didnt even fire the weapon, a close inspection of the weapon you could easily tell it hadnt been fired. i had all bullets accounted for. They questioned me while i was in the car a few times and asked me if i had ever talked to them or bought drugs from them. I told them no. they closed the door and put me back in the car uncuffed. Around 430am CSI finally arrived and did gunshot residue on my hands even though i told them earlier i didnt shoot i was shot at. I asked the officer why i was being detained and i remember her saying detectives wanted to talk to me. i never talked to those detectives. I haven’t been able to work all month and only after filing a lawsuit did they start to send undercovers to investigate and call me clearing my firearm. I don’t feel safe calling the police and I don’t have my firearm to defend myself or provide for my family. They humiliated me after I was the victim of a shooting by forcing me to urinate in a waterbottle less than 200 ft from my apartment where I told them they could even escort me to my home to use the restroom. They left out a lot of violations of my civil rights on the police report including how they made me use the water bottle.


I’m sorry that you had to go through this. I’m glad you were able to file a lawsuit and hope it goes well. It sucks that the current remedy is after the fact and a giant pain for the victim. Sending good thoughts your way.