Using Jewish Safety as a Cudgel and Anti-Semitism as a Shield

They calmly promote absurd frames, be calm in your refutation. Give them all the time they need to reveal their weakness. You will be surprised what a well placed silence can do. This not only controls the pace of the dialogue but It can leave them off kilter. They may feel a need to fill this with a passing thought. As is always the case they will add a fatal flaw to their argument and you will see in their eyes the beg of mercy.

Be kind to those that don’t understand you, but never allow them to mistake kindness for weakness. If they think your weak you must show them the error. This doesn’t mean counter attack it means allow space and counter strikes will reveal themselves.

Done in collaboration with ChatGPT

Hold the Line: A Poem for Peace

In the streets where silence meets the roar, Where voices echo, and spirits soar, Stand the students, young and bold, Their stories yet to be told.

With hearts of courage, they take their stand, Amidst the chaos, they make their demand: For justice, for freedom, for truth to shine, They raise their voices, a peaceful line.

But the powers that be, with weapons in hand, Seek to silence them, scatter their band. With tear gas and flash bangs, they try to quell, The fire of protest, the toll of the bell.

Yet still they stand, unwavering and strong, Their resolve unbroken, their hope a song. For they know that peace is not won with hate, But with love, with unity, with faith.

So let us stand with them, hand in hand, And together, we’ll make our stand. For in the face of violence, we’ll hold the line, With peace as our weapon, our hearts entwined.

And though the road may be long and steep, And the shadows of fear may run deep, We’ll walk together, towards the light, With hope in our hearts, and peace in our sight.

For in the end, it is not the force of arms, Nor the shouting of threats, nor the raising of alarms, That shall shape our destiny, our fate divine, But the strength of our unity, our peaceful line.

So hold the line, my friends, hold it tight, For in our unity, we’ll find our might. And together, we’ll weather the stormy seas, And build a world of peace, for you and me.


You truly have the heart of a poet. I enjoy reading your poems and prose–they have become one of the highlights of my day. Were both of these collaborations?

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Thank you for your kind words. I usually provide a commentary and then put in the collaboration. The commentary is often the seed of where the collaboration originated from in some way.

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