Using Tik Tok to Our Advantage, Part 1

Using Tik Tok to Our Advantage

Sunday, March 17, 2024

3:39 PM

I’ll try to keep this short. As we know, Tik Tok has a huge influence in today’s society. Most of the Right-Wing know that and that’s the reason why they don’t like against Tik Tok. They don’t like it because it appeals to the youth and their ideas, the Right-wingers’, are coming to completion as they are obsolete. That’s because they are traditionalist making promises to people they haven’t met before. We, the Progressives, can use this to our advantage.
I propose a movement called T-Anon. “T” stands for Truth. It is a mix of Q-Anon and Zeitgeist, but with truth. Q-Anon and Zeitgeist lead way to the rabbit holes that is fun to down because of escapism. Escapism is overall entertainment that gives us relief from the real world. When moving pictures were introduced during The Great Depression was a great form of escapism. Nowadays, it’s social media because the People don’t feel like they are being heard and are simply board. Also, the newer generations don’t have much to do because my generation, Gen X-er, did all the stupid things to do with reason. We left the following generations with Tide Pods and egg crate walking. What else is there to do? It looks that they are left to go on Goonie adventures like January 6, believing in and fighting for a cause that really wasn’t.
Q-Anon and Zeitgeist invent questions that everyone subscribing to those outlets think they are thinking. The questions are carefully crafted to manipulate their viewers way of thinking. T-Anon would craft the questions to ask questions that are honest to find the honest answers that we know as Progressives. We can go further than what’s on the establishment news channels. If all goes well, we can end them.
Where do we start? I can start with this rabbit hole:
Did Putin devise a plan to conquer to world using COVID 19 with Trump’s help?
We follow it up with certain facts…
FACT: Trump and Putin had a secret meeting in Hamburg, Germany with only an interpreter in the room. No one to this day knows what was discussed. The interpreter probably fell out of window by now.
FACT: In 2018, Trump dismantles the NSC, the National Security Council’s pandemic unit
FACT: In 2019, guess what? COVID 19 happens. Watching Navalny’s documentary that a good part of the doc was taken place in 2019, I noticed the Russians were already wearing masks then. We didn’t start wearing masks until the first quarter of 2020. Also, Trump played down the pandemic possibly out of the guilt of knowing that he had something to do with it.


I just added Navalny to “My Stuff” on Max; thank you. As a fellow Gen-Xer, I feel you. If I may, I have one problem with what you said. There is no way Trump has ever experienced the feeling of guilt! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: