Using Tik Tok to Our Advantage, Part 2

FACT: In 2020, The country and world gets shut down because of the virus.
THEORY: With Trump being beholden to Putin, Putin gave Trump a solid with the business dealing due to Trump couldn’t do business anywhere else. I truly believe this was Putin’s victory over America and the world because of the millions of people he killed. This gave Putin the go ahead to invade Ukraine because he knew he had Trump’s back as president. I believe that’s why Russia really went balls out on our election. You see, Putin knows how to play chess. Trump barely knows how to play checkers. I’m sure Putin assured Trump that he’s stay in power if the virus would take the same effect as if a war happened in an election year. There’s a reason why Trump downplayed mail-in ballots. The smart people that usually vote Democrat will do that instead of risking their health amongst the uneducated mouth-breathers that Trump love so much, but wait. There’s more…

FACT: In 2022, Roe v. Wade gets overturned.

THEORY: We lost millions of Americans due to the pandemic. Millions of people of lost means $$billions$$ in profits. As soon as a child is spit out of the womb, that child are in debt to the donors. Why do they care about the fetus more than the one giving birth to that eventual infant? The infant lasts longer to pay into the system. It’s not Pro-Life, it’s Pro-harvest. Pro-Lifers have been duped.

CONCLUSION: By airing this on Tik Tok, the audience, which is the youth, will be able to point a finger at who was responsible for shutting down the country and robbing them of graduations, music festivals, sports and so on. The goal is to use this platform to educate the young and get them to have more of a curiosity of what’s going on in this country and others.

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“Putin knows how to play chess. Trump barely knows how to play checkers,” truer words were never spoken!