Video game goals, and using that as a lens for what we want to try to accomplish and when

When you think of the good video games, the ones you enjoy playing instead of dredge through, these games are developed with the ideas of short term, medium term, and long term goals. The long term goal is the obvious one: beat the game. That’s what every player should be aiming for when they enter a game. The fun is the adventure along the way.

The medium term goals direct you towards the long term goals. Complete enough goals in individual levels to unlock the next selection of levels. These are big chunks of stuff that build to the long term goal being completed.

The short term goals are the individual levels. Side quest objectives. Kill this many of these. Get this many of those. These are the “core gameplay loop” and what make a game fun on a moment to moment basis.

Now consider that in regard to what Operation Hope is looking to be. Its goal idealized as a “win the game” level concept is to get the Progressive position in a fair and equal position as either Democrat and Republican, if not replacing the Democratic Party outright.

From there, this whole Cenk for President idea is just a course to further the overall goal. I believe with the correct strategy, this play could further the Progressive movement if it get enough outside attention and people do just a little of their own research. However it goes down, should this play capture a Queen or just sacrifice a Knight, if it is done with the lens of working towards Progressivism being furthered in the public eye.

So that leaves us to consider what we’re trying to do here. There is always room to see other vectors for working towards the long term goals. At the moment, it does seem that as we have a time sensitive medium term goal, there might be value in focusing on getting visibility in more traditional medium, as well as managing a strong social media front to stay on top of all the platforms.

At least, this is the perspective I’m coming from. I’m open to thoughts otherwise, especially if offered through the same perspective of long, medium, and short term goals.


It’s the game of thrones. Always has been. Usually people that aren’t rich and influential can’t afford to play. We are trying to break into the game. That’s why we need someone like Cenk. He has influence because people know him. It’s the money he needs help with. And the spreading of the word that he’s joined the game and wants to help, rather than hinder, those who can’t play. It’s important to rally behind him. It gives him more power. Hence trying to find ways to compete.

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That is cool it is like a collective barging to have a real seat at the table.

I think part of this is building things with eye of future use. If possible build out some tools that will help us in the future, not just here and now.