[VIDEO] You Are The Change: featuring TYT Community Member, Yuliana Levi

Check out my interview with Yuliana! So proud to know this woman. Yuliana talks about what motivates her to be the very change that she wishes to see in the world. Learn about her new podcast to help bridge the progressive movement and Latin Community. We talk about cancel culture, her experience migrating from Costa Rica to the U.S. at age 13, her dear cat Jackie, and more!


What an awesome interview, Yulie — or I guess I should say Yuliana! It’s so interesting to learn more about your background and what drives you to do everything you do, from TYT Army to
Cosechando Rosas.

It’s great that you’re working to create a bridge between the Latino community and the broader progressive movement. I also like what you say (about 30:40 mins in) about the left needing to come together and stop arguing with ourselves.

I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work on Task Force 4 (Social Relations) with you for TYT Army, and appreciate you helping me learn the ropes and having my back. #TYTFamily #TooStrong (I don’t know if #DemasiadoFuerte would work as a slogan in Spanish, lol).


So glad you enjoyed it as much as I did!

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Thank you Yuliana for all you do, and thank you Alison for conducting and posting this awesome interview. I also agree 100% when Yuliana and eclecticmisc say we should not fight amongst ourselves. It’s so important the what we work for positive change and not just complain about how bad things are.