Volunteering How-to

I am so extremely grateful for TYT. It continues to be the place I rely on to provide an honest, fair and conscious report of current events. I have had this thought for many years now…

          🔥🔥CENK FOR PRESIDENT 🔥🔥

I am a staunch supporter of Cenk, TYT, and the entire progressive movement. I am looking for ways to volunteer my time and effort for the cause. I would love to help spread word of the movement.

I need a bit of guidance. Any suggestions, sources or support in helping save democracy for the future of our existence would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you!


Welcome @effie_greene85. I am sure I am not the only one loving that spirit and passion. Please stay tuned, there is more to come. I’ll tag you again for more communication of these endeavors.


I am looking forward to it!!

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