Voting Rights ruling for Arizona not just for us

Let’s focus on the implications of the Supreme Court ruling over Arizona voting rights.

What precedent does this set?
Because it is the Supreme Court, all States must now abide to the ruling.

Voting in your own district is allowed because it does not overly impede the voting process.

Ballots dropped by family and hospice to ensure election integrity, but because similar laws in other states show no real threat, then allowing the ruling doesn’t unnecessarily impede a person’s access to vote.

If that is the case, there should be no law that prohibits a county to have enough staff and resources to provide a convenient way to vote.
Those laws inhibit our citizens to vote in a convenient fashion so they can get back to work and caring for their families.

The same way our ruling stands because it doesn’t result in such inconvenience to be considered voter suppression, Georgia’s laws MUST be changed to allow better access to voting.

Can we not use this ruling as a means to get Georgia their voting rights?
No more long lines! No other state can be compared with them, not even the other Southern States can compete! There is no like model to point to, and the Supreme Court has opened the avenue to pursue such causes does it not?

Am I dreaming? Or is this part of The Dream?

As far as Arizona is concerned, these laws are inconsequential.

We already had to vote in our own districts, I’ve been turned plenty of times for going to the wrong poll; had to go to the one across town.

The family and hospice only ballot drop off would be problematic since hospice don’t even get paid enough to do their jobs let alone errands, the truth is, mail-in ballots circumvent that. Why bother when you can get a mail-in ballot?

Otherwise you’re better off voting early in person. Those polling places don’t even care which district you’re in as long as you’re in the same city.

So don’t worry about little 'ol Arizona, we’ll be fine.
Pass this torch for voting rights where it belongs, the most inconvenient place to vote in America!