We know, what do we do, UNITE!

First and foremost SHOUT OUT TO MY MANS CENK!!! Your interview was beautiful and a gracious example displaying to the progressive family how to correctly conduct yourself when displaying emotion, standing strong in the face capitalistic excuses, while having a savoir faire sense of respect ,killed it my guy! Thank you for being the voice of reason!! Now statement I’d like to pose to the community is, as progressives lets collectively genuinely think outside the box together, come up with not just one strategy, but multiple plans for back plans, for our actual plan. Meaning everyone has feasibly good ideas, lets put our observant minds based of our collective knowledge and see how we can incorporate and maneuvers/have counter arguments that would obviously expose this bullshit. I’ll start off. I’m sure progressives know this, but I’m going to draw some lines in the sand. Corporate media, big corporations, and corporate politicians, we all see the trend. Now what are their interest MONETARY, for what, GREED AND SECURING FOR "THEIR "FUTURE GENERATIONS TO COME. What does this imply, THAT THEY WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF INDIVIDUAL OF WORKING CLASS CITIZENS WITH NO REMORSE TO GAIN THEIR GOAL. So let us hit 'em where it hurts, take away their power, how by affecting their monetary in the meantime while we can fix or dismantle this convoluted bullshit rigged system we have. How else, don’t get lost in sauce with small nuances, remember what your morals and goals are!!! Much love tyt fams, Stay well and active!

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