We may have bit off more than we can chew

Uniting your enemies can be very dangerous. The Iranian leaders meeting in Saudi Arabia is a huge deal considering their history.

The fact that Iran leaders are meeting with Saudi Leaders should cause us to take pause.

Remember when we pulled out of Iraq? Oh yeah me neither, we still have forces there. They have been under attack since the Israel conflict became hot again.

Blinken has been desperate to state that we are worried about a spill over of the conflict. This is why I am very wary of Biden striking military targets in Syria. They explained that they are striking military targets for Iranian backed fighters.

This seems at odds with statements made at the very same time to say you don’t want a spill over conflict. This seems like some attempt to assert the power of suggestion.

There are to many men not invested in society causing problems. The traditional way you handle this problem is to start a war. This war helps dispose of the excess population that is difficult to manage. Due to the woman doing well in many job sectors this option becomes particularly attractive to some.

Biden is either asleep at the wheel, or has handwaved this dangerous behavior. Either that or Biden believes projecting force is a more valuable than attempting to contain this conflict.