We need to pick up the functions of the algorithm that are no longer fair for us

Hey, so i know i really should read a good chunk of the board before i post but i never see this so i think it’s worth posting it and waiting to see if someone thinks it’s a duplicate.

You need to take over the functions of the algorithm that are being rigged against us. Like, it was really nice when youtube took advertising off the table for you. It was nice when it promoted people purely based on engagement. But now those functions are gone and you have to do them.

You need to work with every progressive news organization on youtube and set up a mutual promotion system. We also probably need to go outside of the online realm to promote left wing media. The goal here is to intentionally create a left wing network that can boost itself like the msm boosts each other.

Then we need to set up relationships between progressive politicians and this progressive media network. This shit where you just “find normal people and elect them” without a plan for us to work with them when they’re in there - was pretty stupid.

We need the politicians we elect to AMPLIFY progressive media. On purpose. They should be exploiting their audience on mainstream media and their free media from proposing bold progressive ideas to promote progressive media. We should have all the progressive law makers doing that and FORCING the mainstream media to cover them promoting progressive news media while they say their controversial(to the establishment) ideas or just not cover them and let the progressive media get ALL the eyeballs on the juiciest stories.

In combination with actual IRL advertisement and lots of people will simply leave MSM out of boredom because they are just refusing to cover the juiciest stories. At that point they will start trying to negotiate with us. Probably start offering better promotion algorithms on youtube trying to stop us from continuing to develop the progressive network. Keep your eyes on the ball.


First, welcome!

I agree that we need to try to “hack” the algorithms.

I watch tyt live on YouTube when I can, but otherwise I watch the clips. I try to remember to like them… I appreciate John’s reminder in the Pre-port!

This also reminded me to get back to mass liking on fb. I did it for a while but I need to be more thoughtful.

For me, mass liking is going to the TYT page, Cenk’s page, etc and like every post.

I watch the videos on YT so the likes dont take long on fb.


And by the way, it’s super easy to keep dropping promotions to progressive media in any politicians interview on cnn or where ever.

Just keep answering questions with, “In my interview with kyle kulinski on friday, we talked about da da da da da”. And have the progressive politicians constantly be doing interviews with all the progressive media programs talking about their issues.

Then when they get pulled onto MSM to talk about how they’re ruining the party by daring to say the leadership is wrong, they can say “Well, while you guys cover this horserace idiocy, i’m over on david pakmans show(or where ever) talking about what voters actually want.”

This forces MSM to actually engage them on their real issues or forces them to promote progressive media so that people can actually hear non-bullshit.

You need to use the private greed of sensationalism hungry media organizations against them, to force them to serve us, to promote progressive media.