We reached our goal of 10,000 signatures!

On November 19, TYT called the Jefferson Parish police department to let them know about the growing support for officer Julio Alvarado to be held accountable for his actions and fired. We also asked about any updates regarding the investigation of Alvarado. The person TYT spoke with said that there are no updates, but they did confirm that the investigation is ongoing. While this is not surprising news, we are very grateful to all who signed this petition, helping to show that we stand strong against police abusing their power.

Can you get one more person to sign this petition? If everyone does that, we’ll show that this incident will not be forgotten. We will not rest until justice is served. Even though the story has fallen out of the news cycle, we are not going to move on. That’s how the cycle repeats. They wait for the smoke to blow over and people to get tired, but we’re not going to get tired. With your help, we are going to keep fighting and keep ratcheting up the pressure until there is justice.

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