What do these politicians want to be remembered as?

For me Washington was our first. That was a given. Jefferson was for the Declaration of Independence. Lincoln was for freeing the slaves. FDR was for social security and longest president. LBJ was for civil rights. Etc etc. But what do the politicians today want to be remembered for their greedy selfish wealth or what they did for us? Bc Clinton I don’t know I can only remember him with his Monica Lewinsky scandal. Bush jr. for the stupid Iraq war that shouldn’t even have happened. Obama for ACA (Obamacare). Trump for his constant lying scams. As for Biden I don’t know what he has done that will have me WANT to remember him. I can’t even name all 46 presidents. Or remember what they did good or bad to OUR country. But the ones that I do know didn’t take crap from either parties. LBJ definitely did NOT take crap from anyone he still spoke to his staff when he was in the bathroom. Kennedy beat nixion and got us to the moon. Reagan was able to get Germany to TAKE DOWN THAT WALL! So really what are our democrats going to be remembered by? I know I will definitely remember AOC and she’s not even a president. But I will for sure remember how she was able to help raise 2 million dollars for the ppl in Texas when she didn’t even live there, represent them or even have to. She did it out of her heart. I will most definitely remember Katie porter with her white board. And she’s not even a president either. So really what are these politicians wanting to go down in history as? An actual great change to the world or a selfish money grubbing laughing stalk?


Biden should be remembered for bringing stability and empathy and rebuilding our global image, our friendships & allies around the world; for getting us out of a pandemic with a rescue plan that actually helped people; for passing bipartisan bills despite the worst, most lunatic opposition party, including infrastructure for the first time in decades; the greatest investment in climate; lowering prescription drugs by finally allowing Medicare to use its purchasing power; bringing manufacturing back with the CHIPS act; helping veterans who faced burn pits; “creating” more jobs in 2 years than the last 3 GOP presidents combined; being the most pro-union president since FDR; record low unemployment & increasing wages, creating jobs with alternative energy & potentially saving the planet… There is more but that’s just off the top of my head.

Being remembered for fixing problems of the day is watered down by human dysfunction creep, accomplishments are relative. FDR and LBJ put the hammer down. Today’s social democratic leaders rendered ineffective by the Neo-con/liberal machine. Common folk who’s fear of peer and economic reprisal dictates our complicity. Biden’s legacy will be that he doubled down on Zionist ideology despite the Jewish diaspora’s differing views on “hereness” and “thereness”. Terms used when grappling with what it means to achieve homeland, material or state of mind. Persistent Zionist ideology, Antisemitism, and centuries of suffering that Jews have had to endure makes it difficult to come to more correct solutions in the Levant. Palestinians too have endured similar injustices throughout their history. But that is lost on us. Biden’s accomplishments are weak because they are relative to today’s state of humanity and predominant subverted systems of governance. Bernie Sanders is only radical if you measure him against the norms of capitalism-corruptous. But if measured against universally accepted ethics and morality, well then, all things are possible. Humanity is on a downward path. Our current crop of leaders is so lost in the woods that it will take a mammoth and coordinated effort to change the paradigm. How do we improve the effort? Measuring and supporting our political candidates against universal values instead of which side they play for. Urging the detractors to accept the same crossbar. Yes, BOYCOTTS. Getting behind a succinct progressive message and making it a household item, a coffee shop conversation piece, parroted in churches and other gathering groups. We will suffer more economically and socially as the bad guys will step up the fight to preserve and grow the status quo. The way we raise grassroots money for guys like Bernie will have to be built upon to subsidize the people subject to reprisals from hardcore Neo-liberal capitalist. Just like unions collect dues and in strike time support workers out of work and on the picket line. I see here on TYT’s Operation Hope that we want coalition building and the powerful resulting strategies that can emerge as tools in the fight. May we transform our work into a Social Democratic machine bringing justifiable ideology of governance and economics. Tools that inform progressive think tanks could allow for us to flood the courts with amicus briefs for good policy just as the Federalist society, its DBA’s do. To agree on common messagging about root causes and root solutions. Use and/or create social apps to help us and to inform us. Produce debate shows, messaging across platforms are all tools that need further development and implementation. Contemporary leadership and representation will be written into the history books as having failed to save the world and life. We have to do it.