What do y'all use in place of "Twitter" / "X"?

I watch your shows from time to time on Pluto​ :fist:t6:… good content. I was wondering, do you guys till use Twitter / “X”? I left the platform a while ago and have been searching for something good to use. The closest thing that I’ve found beneficial is… “Tumblr”…but there’s not a lot of conversation there. It has all the tools, just not much convo. I think it would be cool if others started using it. I have limited people to talk to…lol :laughing::joy: I even started my own Hashtag on the platform #TumblrTwitTok … 'cause I stopped using TikTok too… … :man_shrugging:t5:

I’m sadly all over the place these days: BlueSky, Threads, and Mastadon. Twitter was easier, as everyone was on it, but it has definitely become much much worse. Good luck finding something that you’re happy with, @dhspeller.

There is a welcoming community at our TYT Discord server

TYT Official or just Search TYT in the Servers List on Discord and we will be the first choice

Here is a Bluesky invite code if you want to join.