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Chronicles of a Jedi

When I arrived, the Republic was in severe defeat.
The Empire had taken most of everything, and the last sector standing outside Republic Space was the territory of Cerea.

It was not difficult to see why. The Republic had been losing to a long campaign of attrition, where the goal is to ruin everyone’s time in the galaxy, no remorse, absolute relentlessness, every second of everyday, mining fleets across the galaxy were being picked off by enemy faction privateers, known as miner hunters.

The galaxy was hard and unkind, and any moment you were caught unaware, the enemy would claim you in a matter of moments.
There was no reprieve, and steadily the mining ships of both Empire and Republic grew stronger, until they were finally so heavily armed that it would take a full assault five minutes at maximum efficiency.
Incredible resources across the galaxy, but the quickest way to riches was to take it, and neither faction knew honor nor decorum.

The conflicts grew worse across the contested portions of the galactic map. Uncoordinated and outgunned, the Republic was losing morale by the day, with no hope of victory to be seen.
Many were giving up, losing interest in the fight, there was little point in playing games of savages.

Within the domains of the Republic, just as the Empire, the government is stable, risk is minimal, but also the rewards, and those daring could escalate quicker at their own peril.
When there is no reason to fight, there is always reason to work together, and it was in the realm of seedlings among the novice, that I learned what happened when you attack enemies together.
Probability and capability increase, the rewards that were out of reach are now a means to accelerated growth if only you can learn to work together.

Often, I see fleets of miners under attack, space is vast and propulsion capable of only so much, but once I was capable of building full compliments, protecting ally miners became a popular hobby, much more honorable to hunting the defensless and preferably much more sporting.

On my first encounter with conflict, I could not believe what I was witnessing: absolute annihilation.
The Empire was swift, they moved with purpose, and they moved in swarms.
The Republic were panicked, every battle they engaged in they just as quickly withdrew, because they were outnumbered. What could they do? The Empire were too many…
And the Republic could not trust their own to come to their aid or wait long enough for reinforcements, only to have reinforcements demolished upon arrival at a battlefield missing allies.

I was in new company, I didn’t know anyone or if they would listen to me, so I did what I was taught in my Jedi training, I tried speaking to the Republic.

“Republic fleet! We need to coordinate! Communicate to your targets your intention of reinforcement, acknowledge your rescuers, and we can save the day!”

And so we did, held the sector of Cerea, my first taste of conflict, and apparently first win for the Republic to date, and only the beginning of many victories to come.

My journey however would be anything but.

“Who do you think you are?!”
“It is I, Jedi, Knight of the Republic.”
“Come with me ijedi, Republic Command would like to have a word with you.”
I was so hopeful, and so naiive.

End log.

I spent a year, after making officer, after the raid leader took off with a trusted portion of the guild stock, we were left with a sham of a raid squad, that could barely teach the mechanics of a boss, let alone ensure enough team efficiency to victory.
I took my guild raid squad from failing Eternity Vault to one of the first to clear Gods of the Machine and we did it completely on text command.
Because voice raid culture is toxic, exclusive, wants you to listen to them eat chips for hours only to receive the half ass orders that’s going to get everyone killed, because half these people just said they haven’t been here before.
Yes, even the adds fool, we need coordination!

My guild strived to be welcome to all, the Great Je’daii Order was a beacon for good gaming culture, toxic free, and in order to do that, we always ensured the chat policed 24/7, a loose command structure that minded the chat and ensure our values were upheld.
No bad language, no uncouth manner, and yes I upheld it better than any, and justly regulated my peers to the best of my ability: inclusion.
All ranking officers present make the decision with me, and even as High Chancellor, I considered even the most Junior Officer my relative equal.
The only difference is in that in disputes in regards to the guild rules, the most senior will have the final say, but ALL Je’daii officers are expected to act in such a manner, for in fact even the highest ranking officers must represent the guild just as well on paper as on chat and in game.

It is ironic that EA was addressing such behaviors during the time I was testing the best Star Wars game that never made it to beta, it would have done well with getting more players interested in the game again.

The crystal that powers my lightsaber is a character sheet.
mumbo jumbo.

Alertness Warrior Strategy
Acrobatics Body building Tactics
Running Unarmed Leadership
Stalking Melee Protocol
Climbing Ranged
Tracking Martial arts Sailing
Willpower Seamanship
Survival Combat Eng. Navigation
Swimming Structural Eng. Cartography
Civil Eng. Driving
Admin Mech Eng. Mechanic
Manager Electrical Eng. Piloting
Bureaucrat HVAC eng. Aerospace eng.
Inn keep Carpentry Computer ops
Bartender Masonry Computer Prog.
Stewart Electrician Robotics
Cooking Plumbing Communications
Custodian HVAC Research
Brewer Doctor
Distillery Pharmacist
Farming Chiropractics
Animal Nutrition
Biology Armorer Lawyer
Chemistry Blacksmith Fast talk
Physics Bladesmith Public speaking
Math gunsmith Political science
Metallurgy explosives Philosophy
Geology leatherworker Theology
Astronomy tailor Mythology

Disclaimer, I don’t know half of this, know of, many I have some knowledge, but again, I would add extra grains of salt of what you might think I know and what I don’t.
But I look pretty convincing don’t I?
Like a Jedi!

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