What happened to the Watchlist?

It appears that the Watchlist is no longer a scheduled program. What happened to the show? Why was it taken off the air?

It appears to have lost the live portion of the show.

I have a new show Idea that I would love for both Nina and Jayar.

I think they need to do a format where the break down a disagreement and issue a judgment kinda like a modern peoples court but without the small claims cases.

You could even us co-host to plea a case like a lawyer which many seem to have law degrees so that fits nicely.

They would both look good with a gavel and robes, just saying.

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Yeah…I’d like to know too! Jayar is probably my favorite (after Genk of course) and the video just explains what, not really why he’s not live anymore. Genk kind of explained it but it was a bit vague.

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Very disappointing that new episodes aren’t being posted on the TYT website. Looks like I won’t be watching anymore…