What’s your favorite dish to cook?!

Most evenings consist of cooking, TYT Live and Emo/pop punk for me.

Pepper Steak is definitely my favorite dish I’ve learned to make. Fajitas are a close second!

What’s your favorite dish to cook?

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Spaghetti with any number of sauces I’ve invented or learned how to make.


My fave is whatever is left in my cupboards, combined with what’s left in my fridge right before another grocery shopping trip. Oh to discover the possibilities. In between those moments, I usually try different recipes, mostly because of lack of preparation. What’s in my fridge and what recipe can I try to make with it? Yours looks delicious.


The correct answer is “pasta with sh** in it.” my friends taught me this in college - first you make pasta, then you look around for any kind of s*** you can put in it. peas, onions, whatever. any kind of sh** that seems vaguely like it would taste okay together is great. and if it sucks, that’s kind of fun too, right?


Pasta sh** dish. I dig it.

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@bretterlich You are bold sir. I wish I was a good enough cook to know flavor profiles and able to whip something up on a whim. I have such picky eaters in my house I have to stay in script with the recipe.

Trial and error is a great way to learn though if you can’t afford culinary school!

Anyway, huge fan Brett, I can actually get “wife” to watch your show and John’s show! She’s never interested in political oriented shows so that’s a big deal!