What's Cenks Dream Progressive Cabinet

If Cenk unveiled to voters the people he’d include in his presidential cabinet, (i.e. the best progressive leaders) in advance of the 2024 election, it might be an effective strategy to coalesce progressive leaders against the powerful 2 parties Rs and Ds.

There are 16 cabinet positions listed below… TYT fam, what are your best suggestions for people who could fulfill these cabinet positions? #dreamcabinet

The Cabinet includes the
Vice President

Secretaries of…
Health and Human Services,
Homeland Security,
Housing and Urban Development,
Veterans Affairs,
Attorney General.


After hearing Cenk talk about the other progressives I would like to se Ro Kanna have any spot he chooses.

The rest I think need to reappraise their egos fragility. If they really have turned their backs on him like that I have lost complete respect for them on this issue.

I can’t see the position that they need to play ball and at the same time do it badly. No guys we have a bunch of people throwing the match we don’t need you if that is your move…

Two explanations I can find are fear or I believe they’re unwitting saboteurs due to their ego’s lust for power. Until they prove otherwise we should lobby them directly.

We must keep pressure on these progressive politicians. They find funny to emulate DC’s love to screw their constituents blind? It is our fault for making them fail understand how we hold no fiefs.

To that end I think we give Fetterman a chance to reconsider publicly. Then we needs to primary him with vigor if he chooses incorrectly.

I would love for them to prove my concerns wrong. Their actions speak louder than words.