Where has humanity and recognition of that gone?

I’m going the route of a philanthropy aspect to explain a broad way that could lend a strong tool for the general society to analyze politicians actual basis that immediately will and prospectively oppress the public masses. Simply start from a place of empathy and care for one another, ignore monetary nuances and propaganda. Initially ask about any legislation, or statements from a moral standpoint, would you want this for your own family and friends? From a rudimentary standpoint the right winged side utilizes language as façade to make profits and build dynasties, and if we and a collective whole don’t facilitate them, what power to they really have? Just look at what’s being proposed and see if it morally or even beneficial aligns to you. That would principally point out the manipulation, whether your well-being is actually being considered of. These people in power are suppose to representing and looking out for their public are living lavishly, while the manipulated have to bust our ass to have mediocrity. Now you tell me how someone owns yacht and has his/her continents homeless?

Here is your answer, and one more and more Progressives come to realize everyday:
Altruism is a fool’s game if not tempered by the reality of our situation.

The truth is, you cannot know abuse without first experiencing it. The reason truth resonates so well among TYT is because all of us, those of us whom live the rat race of America everyday understand such struggles.

We are either taught to ignore it best as possible, join those that can’t be beaten, or find comfort that there is some good in the world.

Progressives need to detach from the idea that working toward a common goal, the fact that we wish to be inclusive, doesn’t mean we have to bend to every whim human society has to throw at us.

We fight for good policy, and everyone else has a problem with it because it negatively affects their cash flow.
We’ve let academics run amuck, at no time was institutional education to be omnipotent, and departments like HRM where the hotel and restaurant industry workers have been reeling since the 90s, hardest working people in America, don’t have enough representation to earn a living wage; not after 60-80 hours for years on end.

Philanthropy is all well and good, but if you do not protect those good intentions, then all you’re really doing is raising a spoiled child.
Good feelings alone cannot solve problems.
These aren’t tendencies that are exclusive to anyone, human beings are prone to deadly sin, that is why Christians are suppose to stay vigilant.

And this is the lesson Progressives need to learn. We are by nature too nice, allow too many to walk over us. But as we give our lives to the people, do not forget that it is good people that we seek lift, and as altruistic as “inclusive to everyone” is, it leaves us vulnerable if we cannot add nuance.

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I can definitely pick up what your dropping, so let see if I can explain this through my vernacular, this is a good test btw lol. Basically nuances that we observe facilitates or leads to other grasping and comprehending an individual’s unique perspective. Now this allows, or rather opens the ideology of empathy. Being able to emotional relate to another, so as collective progressive community who are willing to have conversations that are sensible, we have to comprehensively grasp multiple aspects, including the thought that negative thing may occur, to genuinely move forward?

The empathy is fine, compassion and forgiveness, all of that is fine.
What we cannot forget however is that good people are extremely vulnerable to being taken advantage.

Subterfuge, deception, exploitation, these are the traps that Progressives keep falling into.

Our good intent will not stand the test of time if we allow our principles to chip away.

Look at the Reconciliation Infrastructure Package, the rebrand, the label that it’s still considered a Progressive deal even though we threw out literally every Progressive policy in order to make it into the “Build Back Better” plan.
Because we are too nice, keep our perspective in this box pretending that everyone else should be given benefit of doubt for good faith politics.

How stupid is that?
We just acknowledged climate change… how long did we demonize Global Warming?
So any doubt now, means people are not even trying, and that’s why Greta Thunberg can be so high profile, she’s a child, and the adults around her won’t even put in as much thought into matters as she does.
It’s fair to say all of us adults are just as ignorant, even us Progressives. Because we argue with temper tantrums as if this is a good idea.

While the idealism is great, it’s becoming unrecognizable, and if we ever are to provide real policy, we absolutely need to put more consideration in protecting our values from slander.

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Why not become convicted over what’s being lost?

Conviction means loyalty to one’s values. Slander is not harmless, it is a weapon to tarnish our names to prevent us any political power.

It is my conviction that will not allow our meager requests to be denied.

We are not just taking ONE measure, when the entire package is privatizing infrastructure and corporate handouts!

What we ask isn’t even a significant portion! What we asked for was already modest!

I don’t mind compromise, but this is anything but. This is a clear slap in the face; this is them thinking Progressives are nothing but idealistic daydreamers that don’t consider the reality of things.

Don’t insult Progressive’s intelligence, we’ve had enough is what I say.
Push, and do not yield!