Where is the Dream Team of Campaign Strategists & Staffers

It would seem the game is up – SCOTUS ‘pulled the trigger’ and the enemy of the state wasted no time publishing his ‘hit list’. Without rule of law, it may not be possible to have any more free and fair elections as of now.

America is flatlining.

However, like a crashed cardiac patient in the emergency room, we must bring the very best doctors and medical equipment we have to restore the heartbeat. I am referring to the people who can actually get a president elected the old-fashioned way (by earning it).

IF Biden refuses to step aside (it is his prerogative not to and flush his legacy), there will need to be a Prominent Democratic Party Defector willing to make the same kind of patriotic sacrifice that Liz and Adam made. That defector will need to bring the Democratic base with them and join with a former-Republican such as Liz who can rescue any remaining, sane republican base voters (e.g., the Nikki voters).

These two, together with the dream campaign team (and a blank check from ‘The Top’) must forge a new covenant of HONESTY and INTEGRITY between themselves and the American voting public and forcefully inject it with an adrenalin hypodermic needle into the heart of the patient. Hint: who ever leads the ticket must have the oratory chops of MLK.

It is time for this ‘Lord of the Flies’ story to end.