Who is it going to be?

I think there are secret actors that do attempt to shape the world; however they often don’t need to act due to our love of tribalism.

We really get in our own way, then have a fight about it.

I would say many times the correct answer is; “I don’t have enough information to form an educated decision either way”.

I think this way about UFOs and the like. I think there is enough out there to say, hmmm. I think we need trusted sources to weigh this out. The problem is this used to be the function of news and community organizations.

Some information now is complex and thus difficult to parse.

We have such a problem with conspiracies because they muddy the waters of dialog. When a hard truth comes out it also is cloaked in a bubble of furious debate. This then promotes division. This is also exacerbated by monetization of both conspiracy and debunking in cycles. We need more point, counter point, not attack, counter attack.

It is the aim of all good faith actors to have a productive back and forth. Our collective rhetoric is becoming a product of our failure to be represented properly in government.

We cannot properly dialogue often enough. Due to the overhead the whole meta has become large. Few have time to know all these things you could know due to the proliferation of information. This coupled with the problem were slow to consensus build. We suffer from an organizational and information auditing problem at its core.

I have some ideas I would like to float out there. These could be rolled out in the form of a political campaign. I think we build systemic ideals around ethos, resource allocation, and management.

We need to be able to:
*Advocate for a action
*Assign tasks on a triage basis
*Collect, budget, deploy funding reflective of the tasks (TYT would have to participate in a Cenk/plus alpha run)
*We need to have a collective decision process
*We need to have a collective audit process

The worst part is the time crunch. It is far too late to throw developers at the solution. This means we are stuck with a form and Google documents back and forth. I think even with that limitation, we could create a collective process that is workable.

I will refine it but we could start with: Proposal or request for proposal on the forum, resource budge projection, then consensus build and come back to decide, recycle, or move to action.

I have joined TYT Army today. I join the slack, I must say I don’t see much so far.

Cenk, Stewart, The Rock, who should run?

I see many more views on my posts, but very few replies. I don’t see the morale so far. I am going to dump a google doc form with a very two simple requests here:

1. Put in a name of who you would ideally vote for and why. This could be anyone that could run ideally.
I will link the document for all to see here:

2. If you really like an explanation you see on the document type the row number into a reply to this post. If someone has already replied with that row number, instead like the post. If your reason why you like that nominee isn’t mentioned add it to the reply.

Everything is possible if we work together.

I know there must be questions about my motives.

About me:
I am Aaron including my handles Bloomladder and Civitasvox outside of close friend group. I have a passion for philosophy, science, entrepreneurship, agronomy, mycology, technology, language, history, religion, myths, and engineering.

My whole life musicians gravitate towards me, so many of my friends seem to have that gift.

I was an atheist and now an agnostic.

These passions informed my ability to understand AI. This is what led me to discover the true nature of the problem humans have with AI. All my posts are human generated, everything I have posted to this forum to date. I have produced understanding collectively with AI, but that is all.

I have a small but very talented team of people that work with me. I pitched a submersible smart buoy farming technique, with both plants and bivalves today. This was well discussed and decided as enthusiastic go! We have a track record in nearly all related technology. We have access to institutional investment, so it looks great.

We move quickly when we have a task with high morale. So this will start up in less then 2 weeks. We have a testing facility near the ocean. We are experts in full stack engineering, along with test driven hardware development. We promote a design philosophy that is test bed driven development. Our backbone is a concept called ToT or Testing of Things.