Who is the Pete Seeger of this era?

Pete Seeger (1918-2014) was a courageous and influential folk singer and banjo player who, through his music, spent a lifetime fighting for love and justice. He was blacklisted in the 50s due to being labeled a communist. That didn’t stop him. He persevered singing songs of social justice. Pete was an avid songwriter as well writing such famous songs as “Where have all the flowers gone?” (popularized by Peter, Paul, and Mary), and “Turn, Turn, Turn” (popularized by The Byrds).

Every major folk artist from the 60s references Pete as a major influence.

Is there anyone comparable to Pete Seeger today?*

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I know this isn’t a great comparison because they were peers but I watched a Roger Waters interview.

He talks about AIPAC cancelling his sold out shows. So I would have to believe that there is a huge headwind for someone to get going. Just look at Oliver Anthony.

I linked it in the Discord but I think some here are not over there so I will link it here too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEdNEb8_20o

Emma’s Revolution is a candidate. They have ties to Pete Sieger and are long time folk activitists.

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That’s a pretty cool little group. I’m glad to see they have a YouTube presence. Obviously no record label would ever sign them, they’re too controversial. I think YouTube is a great platform for activism.