Who knows how to convey their ideas without resorting to the Alt-Right Playbook?

I am curious and would like to know how many of you know how to convey their ideas without resorting to the Alt-Right Playbook (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJA_jUddXvY7v0VkYRbANnTnzkA_HMFtQ).

It must be my lucky day. I’m unparalleled in both argumentation of the alt right and every other style. I even know how to argue with sad clowns and mimes.

@enduser Why do you think resorting to the Alt-Right Playbook is a good thing?

I guess I oppose the observation in your question. It is important not to mispresent one another position in argumentation.

@enduser Gish Gallup Rhetoric!!! Alpha! Decimal! Consternation!

In example:

I made it pretty clear to you how I would respond to when you did not engage in discussion in good faith. @enduser Gish Gallop Rhetoric!!!

I have bad faith?

@enduser Yes, there is no observation in the question. There is no misrepresentation. You are either: reading into the question something that is not there, or you are not entering the discussion in good faith.

So why would the alt-right use our tactics is the question?

@enduser They do not. The Alt-Right Playbook is all about the tactics the alt-right utilize to win debates and provoke compliance from others. If you do not know what the Alt-Right Playbook is, then I wrongfully assumed that you were familiar with it, mostly because you are demonstrably proficient in many such tactics. If you are not familiar with the series, you should watch it, as I think you will find it very useful.

I think often those attempt to define the world in black and white because it gives them a cozy feeling of truth.

I am not one who like to indulge in such comforts. I know the folly in this, so I obstain.

I have never found anything interesting or surprising about the alt-right. I am glad others are spreading the word.