Who would you prefer over Biden?

Who would you most like to see beat Joe Biden in the Democratic Primary?

Al Franken

I would support Khanna, Uygur, or Turner over him though.

I just say Al because he is a progressive under his moderate façade.


AOC/Bowman, Turner/Richey, Sanders/Wyden, …etc. Just about anyone other than trump or Biden tbh.


I feel like Cenk should officially announce immediately. Just do it. No one else is going to. But I think he gets enough attention to give cover to other Democrats to enter the race.

That said, Cenk would absolutely destroy Trump in the general too. And it would basically spell the end of mainstream media. Trump has nothing but the personality cult to run on. And Cenk has the infrastructure to develop a pretty competitive alternate cult.

The revolution begins here!




If we’re only going by people running: Marianne Williamson



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Not sure how popular it is going to make me here, but I am a big fan of the phenomenon Kennedy.
Its not about the man , not even about all of his opinions (though most of em I really like) it is about him being the only one that can bring balance (to the force…I often joke about him as Obi Wan Kennedy, you’re our only hope) to the world.
All the polarity and division is the biggest problem in the world. The left that more and more wants everyone to conform to their opinion because, well, they of course speak the truth.
And the right, angry about everything and anything, flying off the handle every chance they get. And its the same all over the world.
Russia and China are going to take control if we don’t grow the f up.
We nééd to come together as earthlings, and I think we have no chance in hell if we don’t.

Its not about who I’d prefer over Biden…today that would be just about anyone…anyone that has the gal and the power to stand up to the idiots that drive the game.
Our best chance for that in my opinion is JFK

the guy is biden if he didn’t believe in science, hard pass

I don’t get what you mean…elaborate?

I don’t think this will happen, but I’ve thought for awhile now that Cori Bush would be a good choice. Right now I would vote for Maryanne Williamson in the primary, but if Cenk were to decide to run, I would vote for him. Also I wish Cornel West would run as a Democrat, we need another challenger in the primary, not someone to hurt the Nominee in the general election.

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I’m not sure Cori is ready for that job just yet… but one day, I might actually vote for a Bush for President, for the first time ever.

On the other hand… she might get a bunch of accidental votes from uninformed Republican voters…

“Cori Bush?? Wasn’t she one of of Dubya’s daughters?? Hell yeah, I’ll vote for her!”

At this point, Cenk. But if not him, Id like that Gov from Penn. Shapiro? But most likely if its not Biden, it would be Gavin Newsom. :frowning:

AOC, Katie Porter, Nina Turner, anyone under age 50 (I’m 47). Everyone with power right now is too bloody old. The cut off should be age 70.

Isn’t the real question who has the best chance to beat t—p if Biden cannot? Our individual preferences are fun facts. Find the ticket that can win. Perhaps draft the best polling Dems from the swing states with the most electoral votes (one woman, one man). It is twilight, we must be sober.

My fun fact: I think Marianne Williamson is throwing heat and I can’t get enough of her.