Why aren't all discussion dealing with citizens tax dollar not public?

I guess a good way to explain, is we have finances(CITIZNES DOLLARS MEANT FOR A SAFTEY NET FOR US), that we aren’t aware or have access to collect, due to conspicuous tactics and transactions from our political leaders. Right wings and wealthy entities use their monetary funds to affect the economy in their favor, virtually leaving the average worker because of net worth. Where do we turn to when we need means to make to make a difference or to even be heard is taken away. The fact we have to feel guilty for asking for “handouts” from government entities and pay more taxes for the same funds, when in all actuality that’s money we already contributed throughout entire working career, is unbelievable, considering the usage of our labor hard earned dollars. There is a lot of monetary dealings behind close doors, including internationally. The wealthy have the monetary to strategically manipulates the public leading into fallacies that distract from the main issue, its almost begs the question, why aren’t these discussions and decisions held live in the public eye to in sure our investment, because lets be honest, we invest in government for them look out for us in times of need. An approach as such would eliminate questioning, directly offering transparency to where and what the citizen’s tax dollars are truly being used for.

Governmental spending is mostly done thru congress, and the votes are public. But they are not publicized, the mainstream media doesn’t tell the American people when we send money overseas and they don’t discuss military spending. The only reason we knew that we send more money to Israel to fund Iron Dome ??? JUSTICE DEMOCRATS

Yes there is more spending that is “secret” but the low hanging fruit that goes thru the votes is much easier to start with

Sorry the Why is obvious they don’t want us to know because they spend it on themselves / their own companies/ interests/ warcrimes

Exactly, but I would like to offer or rather pose a question, if we know this much what’s stopping us from publicly presenting and pressing on forward, to provoke some thought in a way were both mutual parties can understand, why start small, if we know we have to go big through simple interactions to create a chain that has no weak links, (logically speaking). If we ask enough of the right right question, someone lying will run out of answers that will benefit them, eventually having them expose their self, this might be a good way to approach it, maybe lol

I feel like thats what Katie Porter does every time shes in front of a mic. We just need more of her / TYT that calls out spending and how its corrupt. Katie Porter is loved by a huge majority both on the left and right because she holds ppl feet to the fire

keep in mind there’s only a handful like her, and even fewer of her caliber.

Katie Porter is one of our best, she schools congressional hearings like she does her children and she schools them both at the same time!

Has to pack the soccer mom trunk with a lesson for fossil fuels, kids cramped on the ride to school sharing their seats with rice!

No one compares! She plays the soccer mom card with poise and grace!

Her presentations are the only ones you talk about after class, that’s an artform!

That’s why we’re here though to build progressive platform where we can speak truth and confront the powerful that hide. It’ll get better as long as we keep at it.

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Im in lol ill do this shit all day

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