Why did Cenk and TYT decide to push Cenk for President?

@cenkuygur and @TYT Community - Why Cenk, and not Marianne Williamson?

When comparing Cenk Uygur to Marianne Williamson as potential presidential candidates, Williamson is a demonstrably a better candidate, so why not Williamson?

Cenk Uygur alone decided to enter politics because of the Democrats Party lack of policies & will to confront/challenging the opposition false rhetoric.

I guess the question was not clear enough. I want to know why Cenk, as opposed to anyone else, especially when there are more politically active candidates available.

He has supported her candidacy and had interviewed her before he was running. He said she would be great but he also correctly stated that she has very little support outside of younger people.

I would guess her empathy and her lack of willingness to eviscerate her opponents in a aggressivse manner seems to be the problem with her. So I would flip the argument, what should we do about the bloodlust of establishment democrats?

I do not think anything needs to be done about establishment Democrats, because as we have seen, they are pretty much going to give the current political establishment whatever they want.

I suppose that I am looking at it in respect to a historical perspective. Every era of progressive change is in fact usually driven by young people, but every such cycle typically has prior generations slowly discount and delegitimize the new generation, and things slowly return to the status quo.

While I appreciate Cenk’s point that Williamson has little support outside young people, any attempt to disrupt the vicious political cycle where we set aside the driving force behind progressive change instead of embracing it, and supporting it, is likely going to have the same result. I would be interested to know how Cenk plans to accomplish anything planned without the support of young people.

Finally, any lasting change is only going to be possible when the affected people have full agency to effect change as participants. I would be interested to know how Cenk plans to accomplish anything without taking away any agency from young people, as it seems clear that Cenk does not expect much participation from young people. Correct me if I understand that incorrectly.

This is a huge error in fact. Young people seem to support both candidates. Young people don’t seem to be fine with understanding they could support two candidates in position while maybe only one with fiscal or volunteer support.

TYT is built on a young audience however they seem to also be part of a much larger fabric of like minded content creators. I think it is funny the establishment democrats would like to frame the progressives as these vastly divergent audiences that is just false.

I would be interested to know what evidence indicates that young people support Cenk?

The point of distribution’s average age of consumer. He has been online longer than anyone else as a news stream. He has the largest exposure to the youngest audience for the longest. Meaning he has a higher average age than other progressive outlets, but much lower than any TV news.

@enduser Do you understand having an audience is not the same as having support?

I think you may be revealing more about yourself then you intend.

I suppose one could covertly hate the restaurant they routinely dine in? That still makes you a supporter, now that doesn’t preclude you from sabotaging their reputation.

This is the embodiment of the quote about the food being terrible and the portions being too small.

@enduser Gish Gallup Rhetoric!!!

I see that you clearly do not understand that having an audience does not translate into having support or voters.

A train wreck has many viewers but not many supporters. I suppose this would be the analog and I reject it.

If only repetition equals truth? You see I will take the time to explain my point of view to you. It’s too bad you can’t seem to engage in a constructive dialog with me…

@enduser Gish Gallup Rhetoric!!! For the sake of argument, I am going to pretend you are not going to devolve into just spouting nonsense hereafter, and we will pretend subscribers directly equal a vote for Cenk. How do you think Cenk is going to increase that by around an approximately 13 fold increase (+1200%, or times 13) to win the election?

Once Biden makes his drop out official. I think there will be quite a few more voters up for grabs.

@enduser Ok, continuing our already shaky premise, how is Cenk going to beat out Marriane Williamson and Dean Phillips for those voters, especially since most voters are not going to be able to vote for Cenk due to his lack of Ballot access?

Now I am not sure I can agree those votes would go to the two that you mention. If Biden dropped out everyone and there brother would look at running. Biden would likely have no incentive to drop out early. So I think this is likely to happen too late, the lack of ballot access could be moot. This is because:

A) If it happens before primaries are rolling in earnest mission accomplished we have a choice other than Biden. If it happens later it will revolve around a open / brokered convention.

B) You may not notice but there seems to be many shadow campaigns running right now. All establishment democrats with presidential asperations seem to be licking their chops right now. So a person running in the group mentioned above ascends to 2nd place there will be some weight to a claim at a brokered convention.

C) Winning the office proper really isn’t the only goal here. It is also to gain experience and position for future growth. Cenk may not realize this but he would make an excellent vice president. The archetype is a person has some aspects that Cenk has in spades such as: aggressive, augments your supporters, and would be insurance against assassination from political rivals.

D) Some states have substantial primary shenanigans meaning there is some cross party manipulation of the primary process by each parties opposition. So some conservatives may think it is in there best interest to help a candidate like Cenk.

Biden has a very low to nonexistant chance of winning. Cyenk has the guts to run even knowing he ca not be president because we NEED an alternative to Biden. Of all the current cabdidates I would vote for Cyenk. He is saying and doing what most democrats are affraid to.

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